Student Rights and Responsibilities

The Elizabethtown College Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities upholds practices of a facilitative and fair nature, respecting individual rights while balancing these with community integrity, honesty, civility and safety. The Office holds the primary function in investigating and resolving alleged incidents of student misconduct. Further, our practitioners are dedicated to enriching the social learning experiences of students. We take pride in educating the community about balancing student and institutional rights and responsibilities.


“I pledge to respect all members of the Elizabethtown College community, and to act as a responsible member of the College community.  I pledge to respect the free exchange of ideas both inside and outside the classroom.  I pledge to represent as my work only that which is indeed my own, refraining from all forms of lying, plagiarizing, cheating and academic dishonesty.  As members of the Elizabethtown College community, we hold each other responsible in the maintaining of these values.”

– adopted in 2014 by Elizabethtown College students and faculty.

Student Handbook