Alcohol and Drugs Quick Reference Guide

Elizabethtown College is required by the Federal Drug Free Work Place Act and the Drug Free School and Communities Amendment Public Law to educate students about drug and alcohol issues. Specifically, the College must develop a comprehensive program to address and prevent drug and alcohol abuse that (1) prohibits illegal drug and alcohol possession, distribution and use on our campus and informs students of specific consequences under the Elizabethtown College Student Code of Conduct and the law; and (2) informs students of the personal health risks associated with drug and alcohol use and abuse and provides strategies for prevention and intervention. 

The 2018-2019 Alcohol and Other Drug Quick Reference Guide provides students with brief information regarding the College’s standards of conducts, legal and college-related sanctions for violation of laws and conduct standards, health risks associated with alcohol and other drug use and a description of programs available for students willing to seek assistance. See the Student Handbook for a detailed explanation of the College’s alcohol and other drug policy as well as an explanation of the student conduct process.