Textbook Buyback Information

Retail Buyback (that's when the College Store buys your books to resell the next semester) is held in the College Store, during FINALS week . The College Store pays competitive prices for the books we need.  If the College Store doesn't buy your book, wholesale prices will be offered for those books that are current and in demand. You do not need receipts to sell back your books; it does not matter where you purchased your books from.  If we need them, we'll buy them!

December = The Store buys books used in the Spring  May = The Store buys books used in the Fall

Online Wholesale Buyback - Sell your books at any time of year!! Click here to sell your textbooks to MBS Whloesale.Wholesale pays 10%- 30% of retail prices for current, in demand, titles.

(Student ID card is required for each transaction except online wholesale buybacks)

Dec Buyback