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Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships

Through enrichment opportunities and mentoring from faculty and staff throughout the entire application process, we encourage high-achieving students to pursue nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships that fund undergraduate study, study abroad, graduate study, and independent research.  Elizabethtown College students have won Rhodes, Fulbright, Davies-Jackson, and Goldwater Scholarships.  Students in the program include active campus leaders, varsity athletes, performers and visual artists, students who have studied abroad, and students who have done research with faculty.  

Mission Statement

Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships works to enable students to produce applications for nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships best reflecting their experience, goals, and future direction. More specifically, Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships identifies potential applicants, advises and mentors students preparing applications, and develops future applicants. This work is guided by the professional fellowship advising values identified by the National Association of Fellowship Advisors, of integrity, collaboration, respect, and fairness, and by the mission of Elizabethtown College.

For more information, contact Jean-Paul Benowitz, Director of Student Transition Programs and Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships (benowitzj@etown.edu/ (717) 361-1110)