Blue Jay Flight Plans

Our goal is to help each student develop a Blue Jay Flight Plan to a purposeful life and meaningful work. We are committed to helping you find an established Flight Plan or to create your own individualized Flight Plan.


What are Blue Jay Flight Plans?

Blue Jay Flight Plans are specific plans for purposeful work and service, and describe combinations of relevant majors, minors, courses, and co-curricular activities that can help you get to where you want to go. Whether you are interested in pursuing a path that leads to developing solutions to health issues facing communities, heading a non-profit fighting poverty, or managing a division of a company, there is a Flight Plan that can help you get there.

Relationship-centered learning and exploration are at the center of Blue Jay Flight Plans, which provide opportunities to connect you with a wide range of uniquely talented faculty, staff, alumni, and partners of the college. A Flight Plan can help you find key classes, or even an academic major or minor, and can also help you find student clubs, internship possibilities, and other opportunities that will accelerate your trajectory.


We offer:

  • Coaching and mentoring to create your Blue Jay Flight Plan
  • Support for developing a specialized Blue Jay Flight Plan
  • Opportunities to connect with others who have similar goals and interests


Blue Jay Flight Plans include:

Human Capital Management involves the wide range of practices for managing people in an organization. People engaged in human capital management work as human resources generalists and specialists, benefits and compensation managers, corporate recruiters, employment coordinators, and personnel coordinators.  Advanced training can lead to employment law, labor mediation, or executive management roles.

Non-Profit Leadership is the leading of organizations and foundations whose central missions are humanitarian, charitable, benevolent, philanthropic, or public-spirited in focus. Non-profit leaders work as directors, program managers, coordinators, grant writers, legal advisors, and executives. They work for local, national, and international organizations.

Public Health promotes and protects the health of people and communities, both domestically and abroad. The primary goal is to address health needs and issues facing large populations through the efforts of organizations, communities, and individuals. Public health professionals work in biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health, occupational health, community health, behavioral health, and health policy and administration.

Social Change Leadership focuses on working for the greater good by creating systemic change. Approaches taken by social change leaders include community development, community organizing, conflict transformation and peacemaking, and social entrepreneurship. Social change leaders work as directors, program managers, coordinators, grant writers, legal advisors, and executives.

Sports Management involves planning, organizing, and leading organizations focused on sports and recreation. Some roles in sports management include athletic and recreation directors, program management, coaches, sports information officers, sports reporters, fitness and wellness instructors, sports law and agents, event managers, marketing and promotions, and public relations. 

Create your own specialized Blue Jay Flight Plan

You can also create your own specialized Flight Plan, based on your own particular goals and interests. Mentoring and coaching is provided to develop your plan and to get you moving where you want to go.

  • If you imagine something for your future that you can't quite grasp,
  • If you have a big idea and don't know what to do next,
  • If you care about something that really matters, and want to connect with others who think it matters,
  • If you have a future in mind that seems really hard to get to,

Then we want to help you find a way to realize your dream!


For more information contact:

Joel Janisewski, Director of Purposeful Life Pathways
Brossman Commons 257