Upcoming Events

Use Your Strengths to Reach Success

September 19, 2017; 5:00-6:00 pm; BC 200 (Tower Room)

Have you taken the CliftonStrengths inventory and wonder what is next?  Understand how your top 5 strengths relate to your success - in academics, with roommates and friends, and in your future goals.  You'll have a chance to link your strengths directly to goals that you have for yourself and understand how your strengths both help and hinder you.

This will be an informal conversation over dinner.  Get your dinner in the Marketplace and then join us in BC 200.  If you don't have a meal plan, please contact Stacey Zimmerman (zimmermans@etown.edu) for a meal ticket.


Strengths Night

October 19, 2017; 8:00-10:00 pm; Blue Bean

Join us for this night celebrating all things Strengths!  We'll have an open mic for our musicians, writers, and creative geniuses to share songs, poems, thoughts, or drawings about who they are and the strengths they have.  We want to celebrate the strengths of each person in our community in a creative way.  There is also plenty of seating for you to just come and enjoy the evening - no need to perform if you don't want to.  We'll have contests and prizes, as well as refreshments for you to enjoy.

We hope to see you there!


Using Strengths to Manage Conflict

November 28, 2017; 4:00-5:00 pm; Hoover 110

We all experience conflict at some point.  Understanding how to manage conflict is important, especially for leaders.  We will talk about how our unique strengths impact they way we handle conflict, and we'll also discuss scenarios to see different strengths at work.