You've taken the CliftonStrengths® what? Knowing your top 5 talents is not enough; you have to intentionally engage your talents and combine them with knowledge and skills to develop strengths.

  • Review the reports available at to further explore your top 5 themes; you can also access information at
    • Each code is a one-time use code. If you need additional codes, then please email
  • Post your top 5 somewhere that you can see everyday.
  • Have a conversation with someone who knows you well; ask them to read Your Signature Themes report and give you their reaction.
  • Begin to spot your strengths in action. How do they impact the way you interact with your peers? How do they impact your everyday life?
  • Keep a What Went Well journal. Reflect on what went well today. Did your strengths play a role in that?

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Campus Resources

Elizabethtown College is a campus that embraces the strengths philosophy. You will see evidence of this on our campus - from the strengths posters in the residence halls, the t-shirts students wear (ask me about my top 5 strengths), the conversations you hear between students, faculty, and staff, and more. We encourage you to engage in these opportunities and utilize the resources.

  • Students can talk about their strengths with their faculty advisor, supervisor, or mentor.
  • Faculty and staff have opportunities to connect with colleagues in workshops and book groups.
  • Parents can learn more about strengths and ask their students how they are utilizing their strengths on a daily basis.


Do you want to learn more about strengths? Do you want to help someone else you know learn about their strengths? Check out the following books:

*this book comes with a code to take the CliftonStrengths® inventory

Learn more about the 34 talent themes!

StrengthsFinder Themes Explained

Gallup's Theme Thursday channel on YouTube
(check out videos explaining each theme)


Email; we are here to help!