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Strengths-Based Education

At Elizabethtown College, we believe that every single person has unique natural talents. Our goal is to help each person discover their strengths and unlock their potential.

We begin by utilizing the Clifton StrengthsFinder Inventory, backed by 50 years of research and developed by Gallup. Students have the opportunity to complete this online inventory which returns their top 5 talent themes.

Beginning August 2016, all incoming first-year students will be asked to complete this inventory, and they will engage in activities and discussions about their strengths during Fall Orientation. There are additional opportunities for all students to engage in strengths education through classes, Strengths Spotlights, and more. Check out the Events page.

Strengths psychology is rooted in positive psychology and is based on this question:

"What would happen if we study what is right with people?"

Don Clifton

At Elizabethtown College, we want to study what is right with every student, faculty, and staff member who graces our campus. We want to focus on your strengths so you can maximize your success. Won't you join us on our journey to...

discover your strengths and unlock your potential