Computer Science Internships, Projects & Research 

Elizabethtown College requires that all students complete two Signature Learning Experiences (SLEs) before graduating. These SLEs can be completed in a number of ways. The most common SLEs in the Computer Science program include student research, internships or capstone projects, and community-based learning.

Research Project and Capstone

Every Computer Science major can complete a research project as part of the senior capstone. The research project can be anything that the student chooses as long as it is it related to their major. Recently, students have worked on:

  • iPad Application Development: A network-based, multi-user, collaborative math teaching tool
  • Shadow Reference Compiler: A fully-fledged compiler for the Shadow programming language, intended for both research and practical use
  • Real-time Simulation of Near Light Speed Travel: A program that simulates the doppler shifts and lensing effects of traveling through space at near the speed of light
  • Data-driven Video Game Recommendation System: A data-mining tool that, similar to Netflix recommendations, recommends new video games based on games you have previously liked
  • ECrypt: A data encryption and cryptanalysis program
  • Gengo: Procedural Language Generator: An automated tool to generate constructed languages independent from English with a fully described grammar and phonology, ideal for use in fiction and procedurally generated video games.
  • BitTorrent over Tor: A compliant BitTorrent client capable of operating within a private Tor network, including the use of Distributed Hash Tables to operate without a tracker.

Don’t worry if these projects feel intimidating now. We make sure that all of our students are well prepared for their senior research project with every course you take starting in our introductory courses. Our curriculum is designed to prepare you not just for this final project, but for whatever future plans you pursue after E-town.

Students working together

Internship Opportunities

Students are encouraged to intern off campus for college credit with a variety of companies and organizations. Your junior or senior years are the ideal time to complete internships as you will have enough practical knowledge to begin applying your skills in the real-world. However, even sophomore and occasionally first-year students may have the skills that internship hiring managers are looking for. Internships provide practical experience in the workplace while also providing excellent resume building and networking opportunities.

E-town Computer Science majors have completed internships at companies including:
Lockheed Martin