Why Study Big Data

Join a booming field! Job outlook for students who have experience in data analytics is at an all-time high. Data is everywhere and it drives how we make decisions. Both personally and professionally, an understanding of how data is collected and processed is integral. More than ever, there is a critical need for professionals who can fill this skill gap.

Learn to process and interpret big data, manage data, program a computer in different languages, and apply statistical, data mining, and machine learning techniques to solve real world problems. A capstone project requires students to address a data analytic problem from problem statement and formulation to completion by reporting results to an appropriate professional audience. Proficiency in data analysis is as much about knowing how to process the data itself as it is knowing what questions to ask initially; our program addresses this at the program's foundation.

The minor pairs well with just about any major and it gives our students the skills to manage, process, analyze, and interpret large amounts of data that can be applied to a variety of fields of study.

The Data Analytics minor is an interdisciplinary minor pulling from the businesscomputer science, and math departments. It is intended for students interested in math who plan to work in a business environment post-graduation. Students will take a variety of courses in data analysis, statistical analysis, as well as a variety of programming courses from a nationally recognized school.

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