Why Science in Motion?

No Cost to Schools

There is no cost to the partner schools or their teachers. The EC-SIM program is funded by a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education and supported by Elizabethtown College.

Equipment You Need

SIM works to meet the individual needs of the partner schools by asking them to provide a “wish list” of equipment. The most commonly requested items are purchased and loaned, upon request, to the schools. The SIM van delivers and picks up the equipment and supplies.

Visits from Our Mobile Educator

The Mobile Educator delivers the science equipment to the school, can team-teach with the classroom teacher, or act as a “second pair of hands” by assisting the teacher during a science lab or lesson. Please keep in mind there are three types of support the Mobile Educator can provide:

  1. drop off/pick up of equipment only;
  2. assistance to the teacher running the lab; or
  3. team teaching the lesson/lab.

No Maintenance

The Mobile Educator and staff will replace all consumable supplies and refurbish the equipment and kits after each use.

Professional Development for Partner Schools

Teachers in the partner schools can participate in workshops at Elizabethtown College. Workshops will include lesson and lab development sessions, learning to use newly acquired equipment, and other training requested by the teachers.

Public and Private Schools 

EC-SIM serves educators teaching grades 7-12 in both public and private schools. We have a variety of STEM equipment that can be used for all types of classroom settings. (Ex. Gifted, AG, Math, Special Education, etc. etc.)