About Pre-Law Advising at E-town

We Take an Interest in Your Learning and Help You:

Find Your Niche

There’s nothing more important to our Pre-Law Advising Committee than helping you achieve your goals.

In order to create the most effective curriculum, the pre-law student should introduce themselves to the Pre-Law Director early in the freshman year to discuss future course scheduling and long-term plans.

The Pre-Law Director also supervises the activities of the Pre-Law Club and works closely with the College's mock trial team, which participates in regional and national mock trial tournaments; both activities are highly recommended for pre-law students. Participants in the mock trial competitions are urged to take Mock Trial I and II, which are taught in the fall and spring semesters. These courses prepare students to participate in intercollegiate tournaments held in the spring semester and are taught by a practicing attorney.

Stay on Track

The Pre-Law Director and the pre-law committee work with the pre-law student and the student's major advisor to ensure that a reasonable and sound course of study is followed that is acceptable for entry into a school of law.

Meet Your Goals

The director and committee aids the student in selecting a suitable school and advises the applicant on the registration and the preparation for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). Additionally, the director and committee guide students in preparation and submission of applications and supervises the requests for letters of recommendation for worthy candidates.

Pre-Law Advising Committee

The Pre-Law Advising Committee (PLAC) comprises members from several academic departments and assists pre-law students during their undergraduate years. Committee members include:

  • Kyle Kopko, PLAC Chair | email
    Political Science and Pre-Law Director
  • E. Fletcher McClellan | email
    Political Science
  • Matthew Telleen | email
  • Elizabeth Newell | email
  • Sean Melvin | email
  • Sylvester Williams | email