Department Life

In the Department of Politics, Philosophy, and Legal Studies students are immersed in experiential learning. Through on-campus clubs and organizations, study-abroad opportunities, internships, research and practicums, students have multiple opportunities to gain experience and knowledge about other cultures while studying political and philosophical ideas.

Experiential learning is the foundation of our Department's mission to promote scholarship, leadership, and responsible citizenship. All of our majors are required to complete an off-campus experiential study program for course credit. Our proximity to Pennsylvania's state capital opens the doors to coveted government internships, while our affiliation with several international programs affords the opportunity to study abroad for a semester.

Our students have had experiences across the world, including:

Capital Semester Internship Program

Capital Semester internship program

American University

American University's Washington Semester Program

Queen's University

Queen's University's Bader International Study Centre at Herstmonceux Castle

Brethren Colleges Abroad

BCA Study Abroad

Oxford University

Elizabethtown College Oxford University Summer Program

State House Legislative Fellowship

Pennsylvania House of Representatives Legislative Fellowship Program

By learning about other cultures, students' beliefs and educational experience gain a greater global context. By learning about the larger world, students return to campus and their communities with a global richness not found in the traditional classroom.

Our proximity to Pennsylvania's state capital of Harrisburg opens doors to coveted internships, field trips, and partnerships with the Capital Semester internship program, the American University's Washington Semester Program, and the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Legislative Fellowship Program.

The award winning Mock Trial Club encourages students to build analytical and presentation skills useful for any career. Many of our students co-author academic papers with faculty mentors, and even present at national and international conferences. Two members of the class of 2014 earned Fulbright grants to further their studies abroad, and our alumni and faculty include 22 Finnegan Scholars, more than any other PA college or university.

Students of any major with an interest in law, politics, or topics of philosophical concern, can participate in a number of student-run organizations sponsored by the Politics, Philosophy, and Legal Studies disciplines including: Political Science Club, Mock Trail Club, Law Club, College Democrats, College Republicans, Pi Sigma Alpha, and Philosophy Club.

22 Finnegan Fellows more than any other PA college or university!