Celebration of Excellence and Innovation in Teaching and Advising at Elizabethtown College


The Office of the DAA&FD, CETL, and PDC invite your attendance at Elizabethtown College’s 2019 Celebration of Excellence and Innovation in Teaching and Advising on Thursday, January 10, from 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM. The one-day symposium incorporates a variety of presentation formats and is designed to allow colleagues to share best practices, transferable skills, and innovations in teaching and advising.  The conference schedule is shown below and available here for download in pdf format.

Conference Schedule



1. Lessons Learned from Team Teaching Disease and Disability

2. Implementation of Master-based Learning in the Engineering Curriculum

3. Teaching Live Cases in Undergraduate Finance

4. Learning by Doing: Practical projects in International Business

5. Fostering iGen Collaboration Through Formative Self-Assessment

6. Leveraging a Capstone Revision for Core Program Assessment

7. Flipping the Chemistry 105 Classroom

8. Cultivating Ethical Leadership and Discernment Through Writing

9. The Geneva program: Team projects across the Atlantic

10. Using Zoom to Support Teaching and Research

11. Best Practices and Benefits of Bringing Creativity into the Classroom

12. Accelerated Course Design Process

13. Promoting Critical and Analytical Thinking in an Age of Populism: Sequencing Critical Analysis Papers in the Political Science and Legal Studies Capstone Course

14. The Nexus Between Theory and Practice: Co-Teaching PS 370/PS 570 Terrorism and Counterterrorism

Plenary Session.  Campus Labs, Part 2:  How to Read and Interpret IDEA Reports and Apply Feedback from Evaluations to Improve Instruction

15. Digital Humanities at E-town:  Lessons for Continuing Engagement across Campus

16. Teaching and Learning Using Genius Hour and Project Based Learning

17. A Big Question Approach to Introductory Biology (BIO111)

18. Team Based Learning - An Active Learning Classroom Strategy

19. Digital Storytelling on Study Abroad Experiences as a Tool to Measure Intercultural Competence

20. Practical Strategies to Include All Students

 21. Technology Tools for Student Engagement and Digital Citizenship

 22. Creating an Interview Process for Online Adjuncts

 23. Integrating a Career Component into the Curriculum