Process for Submitting Requests

Requests for new or replacement positions are initiated by completing the electronic Position Requisition Form (PRF) using the Online Applicant Tracking System (PeopleAdmin).  The Senior Staff member to whom the position will report must approve the electronic requisition. 

Once the request has been approved by the Senior Staff member, Human Resources (HR) will review the submission prior to the Hiring and Compensation Review Committee’s (HCRC) review and if needed, request any follow-up information.   

  1. Requests are submitted through PeopleAdmin and must go through the approval process before the position can be advertised.
    1. The approval process consists of 3 groups.  Your user group is assigned based on your role and authority level with the College’s approval process.
        1. Level I – Supervisor
        2. Level 2 – Department Head
        3. Level 3 -  Divisional Head/Senior Staff
    1. The approval process will move through the following workflow:
        1. Supervisor => Department Head => Divisional Head/Senior Staff Review => HR Initial Review => HCRC Review => HR final Review => Approved or Not Approved
    1. The ability to move the posting to the next approval level is determined by the user group you belong to.  For example: If you are assigned the “Supervisor” role your option will be to move the request to your Department Head for approval.  If you are the “Divisional Head/Senior Staff” role, your option will be to move to HR Initial Review.
  1. When the request is at HR Initial Review, HR will review the request and will work with the requestor/hiring manager to resolve any outstanding issues and/or questions prior to moving the request to HCRC for review.  This may include: reviewing salary, FLSA classification, changes in job duties or other information pertaining to the request.  This review may take between 1-2 weeks before being present to the HCRC. 
  1. The request is presented to HCRC for review and determination.  
  1. HR will notify the requestor/hiring manager by email of HCRC’s decision within 5 days.