Recruitment Process


Step 1:  Advertising

  • Advertisements will be placed on the Human Resources employment website.  Additional advertising will be determined in consultation with the hiring supervisor and may include newspapers, trade-specific publications, minority publications, and online sites (Inside Higher Ed, Lancaster Online, Pennlive , Chronicle of Higher Ed, etc.).  Human Resources will assume responsibility for placing position advertisements. 
  • The hiring supervisor must work with Human Resources to ensure the job description is accurate.  Using the job description, Human Resources will work with the supervisor to draft an ad for the open position.


Step 2:  Deadlines for Position Requisition Form and Ad Copy

  • In order for the ad to go to the appropriate advertising media on time, the online Position Requisition Form should be submitted as soon as possible.


Step 3:  Applicant Information

  • All applicant information will be received by Human Resources.  Upon receipt of candidate information/application, the online applicant tracking system (PeopleAdmin) will automatically send an acknowledgement email to the applicant confirming receipt of their information.  The acknowledgement email will explain to the applicant they will only be contacted for an interview if the College is interested in discussing their qualifications.
  • If an applicant should happen to send his/her information directly to the hiring department, the information must be forwarded to Human Resources.  Human Resources will then contact the applicant and request the applicant submit his/her application through PeopleAdmin.  
  • Temporary employees may apply for campus vacancies but they will be considered external candidates.
  • All applicants must complete an online Employment Application through PeopleAdmin.