Selection Process


Step 1:  Reviewing Applications

  • The hiring supervisor is responsible for the selection of qualified candidates to be interviewed; Human Resources is available to assist in the recruiting process.  Each department will set up interviews and make the appropriate interview arrangements.
  •  The hiring department may want to conduct a preliminary telephone interview to screen applicants.   
  • Human Resources will need to be informed as to any special interview arrangements.

Travel Arrangements

  • Interviews should be scheduled well in advance.  This is due to any flight arrangements the candidate must make ahead of time.  The Director of Human Resources must approve all travel costs over $500.


  • Lodging accommodations should be made for campus suites.  For on campus lodging reservations, contact Scheduling.  If no lodging is available on campus, please contact a local hotel (i.e., Holiday Inn Express) for the candidate.


  • As much as possible, meals for all candidates should be arranged on campus in the College’s dining hall; meal tickets can be obtained from Dining Services.  Contact Human Resources if you need a budget number.  If an interview is conducted off campus and over a meal period, the meal will be reimbursed at a “reasonable cost” for the candidate and employee(s).  Mileage for taking a candidate out to dinner is not reimbursable.


Step 2:  Interviews

  • All candidates for positions are to be treated equally and fairly in searches.  Interviews for any position are to be offered to candidates only on the basis of qualifications and merit.  This policy will be communicated to and observed by all search committees and any department head, sr. level administrator, or supervisor carrying out a search.
  •  When the interviews are scheduled, please inform Human Resources of the candidates who will be interviewed.
  •  The interview process can be a very informative and helpful time.  It can also be a potential problem if legal guidelines are not followed.  A list of Do's and Don'ts for interviewing is available for download.  One general rule of thumb is to ask questions that deal solely with the essential functions of the job, not personal questions.  Job descriptions will help to define the essential functions of the job.  If you have specific concerns about interviewing, please contact Human Resources.


Step 3:  Reference Checks

  • Reference checks should be completed on all applicants prior to an offer of employment.  Documentation of information gathered can protect the inquirer and the College against legal action in the future.  


Step 4:  Job Offers

  • After the interviewing process is completed and an individual is selected for the position, the hiring supervisor must contact Human Resources prior to offering the position to a candidate.  Once a verbal confirmation is received from the candidate, Human Resources will send out the official offer letter, and initiate an electronic release form giving the College permission to run a background check.  The College will run a criminal background check and, if applicable, a financial background check on all new employees as a condition of employment.  Further background clearance checks may be required pending the provisions outlined in the College’s Background Check Policy.
  • Human Resources will contact the new employee to set up an orientation meeting regarding benefits and other employment paperwork.
  • The hiring supervisor must complete the applicant workflow in PeopleAdmin.  Applicant workflows include candidates who were interviewed or not interviewed.  Human Resources will is available for assistance with this process.