Management and Leadership
Certificate Program


The Management and Leadership Certificate Program is designed for current or newly hired managers and supervisors, but is also open to anyone who aspires to be in a supervisory role. One 3-hour workshop will be offered each month. Upon successful completion of all four workshops the employee will be “certified” to perform in a supervisory role and awarded an official certificate by Human Resources.

Employees interested in becoming certified should speak with their direct supervisor about the opportunity. Additionally, supervisors should encourage certain employees to earn the certificate. Employees enrolled in the program must have approval from their direct supervisor. The registration form must be completed through JayWeb. You will need to enter your Network User ID and Password (your computer login) in the top right-hand corner of the JayWeb home page. Any questions pertaining to registration should be directed to HR.

The workshops will be offered in the below order and run in three cycles throughout the year:

  • Cycle 1: Jan.-April
  • Cycle 2: May-Aug.
  • Cycle 3: Sept.-Dec.

Participants are encouraged to attend the workshops in sequential order starting with the Hiring and Selection workshop at the beginning of one of the three cycles. However, you may attend workshops out of order if necessary. Enrollment may be limited so please only register for workshops you are committed to attending. A light breakfast will be provided for participants at each workshop.

Please contact Human Resources if you have any questions.



  1. Internal Hiring Procedures
    • Hiring Compensation and Review Committee (HCRC)
    • Hiring Guidelines
    • Position Requisition Form
    • Search Committee Process
  2. The Interview Process
    • Reviewing Applications/Resumes
    • Conducting Interviews (phone and in-person)
    • Questions to Ask and Questions to Avoid
    • Interview Scoring Sheet
  3. Making a Strategic Selection
  4. Extending an Offer Letter
  5. Reference Checks
  6. Communicating with Unsuccessful Applicants


  1. Onboarding Process
  2. New-hire Checklist
    • Introduction to Department/College
    • Department/College Procedures
    • Key Policies
    • Position Information
    • Health and Safety Procedures
    • Professional Development
  3. Using the Employee Handbook as a Resource
  4. Team Building and Successful Collaboration
  5. Six-month Performance Appraisal


  1. Performance Appraisal Process
    • Employee Goal Sheet
    • New Appraisal Forms
    • Core Performance Factors
    • Conducting the Performance Review
    • Merit Pay
  2. Recognition Awards
  3. Performance Management
    • Reviewing Expectations/Standards
    • Setting Goals
    • Recognizing and Addressing Performance Problems
    • Giving Feedback (good and bad)
  4. Coaching and Leadership Strategies
  5. Handling Difficult Employees/Conversations
  6. Corrective action


  1. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
    • Qualifying Events
    • Intermittent Leave
    • Time off and Pay
  2. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
    • Reasonable Accommodation
    • Undue Hardship
    • Employer/Employee Rights
  3. Workers’ Compensation (WC)
    • Accident Reporting
    • Panel of Physicians
    • Lost Wages
    • Return to Work/Modified Duty
  4. FMLA, ADA, and WC Interplay
  5. Key Internal Policies
    • Policy Against Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying
    • Whistleblower Policy
    • Consensual Relationships Policy
    • Minors on Campus
    • Retaliation
    • Protocol for Investigations