Module 5 Questions

Assignment 5: Study Skills

Please remember to use complete sentences. For example: I feel the most important characteristics of a tutor include... write more than one sentence.

Please print this page to complete the answers.  When all modules are completed, submit all answer sheets to Tammie Longsderff at Learning Zone.  All modules must be completed before you can receive any tutoring assignments.

Name: ____________________________________________________

1. How can you integrate study skills into your tutorial sessions?



2. A student is always late to the tutorial session and he/she is always behind in his/her work. You suspect the student has poor time management skills. What do you say to the student?



3. One of your students suffers from test anxiety. What advice do you give to her/him?



4. Why should students look over a returned test?



5. Do you take good notes? What advice about taking good notes can you give to students and, of course, using the notes to help them succeed in class?