Learning Zone offers a variety of services to students to help meet the demands of college learning.  Peer tutors in specific courses help with comprehension of course material and test review.  Our Faculty Fellow and writing tutors help students develop into better writers.  We also have staff who assist students with time management, studying and note taking strategies, and preparation for exams.

Tutoring Policies:

What is peer tutoring? Peer tutoring is a reciprocal process which enhances knowledge through guided reinforcement. Our goal is to work towards helping students become independent learners.

In keeping with this philosophy, Learning Zone tutors do not give answers or do your homework or other graded assignments for you. We are not able to offer last-minute help for students who have not read their texts, kept current with the course material, or have not put forth a genuine effort of their own. We will work with you to solve difficult problems or to understand difficult concepts assuming you have made an attempt to do so on your own prior to visiting Learning Zone.

I. We anticipate students who use Learning Zone to prepare by:
  1. Going to class, listening attentively, taking notes and asking questions to clarify misunderstandings. If you missed a class you are responsible for getting notes or reviewing the material before coming in.
  2. Reviewing notes, practicing problems and reading their textbooks.
  3. Attempting problems on their own before seeking help.
  4. Prepare several specific questions regarding their course material.
  5. Knowing what they want help with and what they want to accomplish.
  6. Making a genuine effort to do the work prior to coming to Learning Zone.
  7. Bring their pencil or pen, paper, textbook, notebook, current assignment, and any necessary notes or previous work to Learning Zone.
II. Students who use Learning Zone should expect tutors to:
  1. Arrive for sessions on time and to notify Learning Zone and the student they are tutoring if they cannot attend a scheduled session.
  2. Listen attentively and carefully.
  3. Help them identify difficulties they are having and develop strategies for addressing them.
  4. Help them identify and use the strengths they have to master difficult material.
  5. Help them work toward a genuine ability to solve problems and arrive at correct answers on their own.
  6. Give them time to work independently during the session.
  7. Help them learn successful study strategies
  8. Refuse to assist unprepared students and ask that they review specific material before returning.
III. Students who use Learning Zone should know that:
  1. Arrive for sessions on time and to notify Learning Zone and the tutor, if they cannot attend a scheduled session.
  2. Students may be asked to work in groups if they are working on similar material.
  3. Tutors do not have all the answers, as they are also students and not professors. Keep in mind that your professors are available to help you during their office hours.
IV. Appropriate behaviors for Learning Zone are:
  1. Coming to Learning Zone ready to work.
  2. Participating actively in the tutoring session by listening attentively and carefully, responding and doing practice sets, reflecting and asking specific questions to enhance your understanding.
  3. Having patience for the tutoring process.
  4. Treating all tutors and other students with respect and civility.
  5. Not distracting or disturbing others
  6. Two cumulative "no-shows" for weekly tutoring by sessions will result in the loss of privileges to use weekly tutoring services for the remainder of the semester.

(Adapted for PACE University, NY)


Jay to Jay (Peer Tutors): 

Over 250 peer tutors are registered to help with more than 200 courses. Tutors are students who have been recommended by their professors and who attend on-going training. A list of current tutors is available in Learning Zone.

Tutors are trained to help with course content as well as to share study strategies.  Students may sign up for tutors in Learning Zone or call Learning Zone at 361-1185.  The service is free for full-time students and $7.75 an hour for part-time students.

Writing Tutors in the Writing Wing:

Writing Tutors have been recommended by their professors and selected through an interview process. Able to help with any stage of the writing process, consultants attend on-going training. Representing a variety of majors, Writing Tutors can help with organization, development, style, usage, and mechanics.

To learn more about tutoring or to sign up for a tutor, call Learning Zone at 361-1185, e-mail Learning Zone  or visit us in Center for Student Success, BSC 226.