Module 9 Questions

Assignment 9: Group Tutoring

Please remember to use complete sentences. For example: I feel the most important characteristics of a tutor include... write more than one sentence.

Please print this page to complete the answers.  When all modules are completed, submit all answer sheets to Tammie Longsderff at Learning Zone.  All modules must be completed before you can receive any tutoring assignments.

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1. In what ways will a group session differ from an individual session?



2. As a group tutor, what problems do you foresee?



3. What are the primary advantages to group tutoring?



4. What skills are required for a tutor to conduct a successful group session?



5. How can you encourage participation by all the students in the group?



6. There are twelve suggested guidelines for conducting a successful group tutoring session. Which one will be the most difficult for you and why?