Returned Test


A Dozen Reasons to Review a Returned Test

  1. Check the point total to make sure it is right. Look for mistakes in grading.
  2. Know what questions you missed and why you missed them. The reason you missed the question is often as important in taking your next test as the answer.
  3. Study the instructor's comments especially for essay questions so you will know what is expected next time.
  4. Look for kinds of questions and tricky questions the instructor likes to use.
  5. See if the questions came from the text or the lecture. Concentrate more on that source for the next exam.
  6. Correct and understand what you missed. This is information you need to know. It may appear on a later test or the final.
  7. Analyze the type of problems you missed so you can review strategies for that type of question.
  8. Review to get an idea what kind of test the instructor might give next time.
  9. Review to put information back into long term memory.
  10. You want to ask questions while the test is "fresh."
  11. Review how you studied for the exam. Look for better ways.
  12. Reviewing gives you a good reason to talk to your professors and let them know you want to improve.