Tips For Multiple Choice Tests

    • Formulate an answer in your head before you look at the answer choices. This can help make options less confusing.
    • Read all of the options and eliminate obviously incorrect answers to narrow your choices.
    • Try each answer with the original question and decide whether it makes a true or false statement.
    • When "all of the above" is an option, double-check to see whether there is more than one correct response.
    • Watch for negative words, such as "except" or "not".
    • Information to answer one question may appear in other questions on the test.
    • As soon as you get your test, write down any information you might forget during the test (e.g. formulas, equations, key points).
    • Mark questions you are not sure of and come back to them later.
    • Guess instead of leaving a question blank, unless you are penalized for wrong answers; you have a better chance of getting points.