Tips on Group Tutoring

Some tutors find that group tutoring offers a lot of advantages over one-on-one tutoring. Here are some suggestions to help group sessions be successful.

  1. Arrange seating and notes in a way that encourages interaction and visibility.
  2. Provide direction, not dictatorship.
  3. Guide the conversation, but remember to limit how much you talk.
  4. Encourage participation.
  5. Control dominant students.
  6. Consciously, but slowly, draw shy tutees into the flow of conversation.
  7. Stress confidentiality.
  8. Summarize the ideas presented in sessions.
  9. Encourage interaction by having students answer each other's questions.
  10. Take a vote instead of giving a blanket yes or no response. Ask open-ended questions.
  11. Rephrase questions if they do not yield comments. Don't always clarify with an explanation.
  12. Use good eye contact.
  13. The more you experience tutoring, the easier it will become to facilitate group tutoring effectively.