General Specifications

Loading/Unloading/Access to Stage 

Loading Door 
Dimensions: 8'-0" W X 10'-4" H, 13'-1" diagonal measurement. Located at the rear of the theatre. It is at road level. 

Scene Dock Ceiling 
12'-11" at lowest point 

Backstage Corridor Ceiling Height 

Stage Dimensions 

Orchestra Pit 
9'-0" X 45'-0" (Extends under stage 9'-10") 4'-6" Deep. 
A permanent cover has been installed over the orchestra pit and is no longer available for use. 

Stage Platform 
27'-10 1/2" X 60'-0" 
Note: Tapers to 41'-0" U.S. 
Proscenium Arch 
30'-0" High X 52'-0" Wide 5'-6" Thick 

30'-0" D.S. to 25'-0" U.S. 

Stage Doors 
U.S.L.: 5'-8" X 7'-1" 
D.S.L.: 6'-2" X 7'-0"  
U.S.R. Same as U.S.L. 
D.S.R.: Same as D.S.L. 

Stage Floor to House Floor 

Ground Plans 
DWG files and PDF files available upon request.