Supervised Research

Investigate, test and study your big questions under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Your faculty mentors become partners in the co-creation of knowledge as you conduct original research, review literature, collect data, document results and present your findings. Whether it’s a new interpretation of an old artifact, or a new application for a chemical compound, our students and faculty are actively engaged in cooperative research.

Original Student Research


In many departments across campus, original student research, supervised by faculty, is an integral piece of the curriculum. From performing rhetorical analysis on media artifacts to conducting experiments in the lab, our students have the opportunity to put theory into practice, and many of these research opportunities are available as early as your first year!

Though research in every department will look different, you'll be able to explore your passions in the context of an academic framework.

Summer Research

summer research

Working alongside faculty mentors, you'll develop sophisticated research skills and, later, present your findings, where you are joined by fellow students, faculty and staff members, and your friends and families. You'll also be encouraged to pursue further opportunities to share your work, such as submitting a paper to a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal or to an academic conference.

Our students are not the only beneficiaries of this collaborative discovery. Faculty members have the opportunity to stay engaged with students who have chosen to spend their summers in research rather than "recreation."

Thriving Think Tanks

think tank

Think Tanks are thriving at Elizabethtown College! These interdisciplinary learning communities bring together faculty and staff members and students with shared interests. Two Think Tanks began their work during the 2013-2014 academic year.

The Think Tank approach to learning offers you the opportunity to experience enriched learning across a variety of disciplines, and has been fine-tuned during the first two years of the College’s five-year Strategic Plan. The Children and Families Think Tank (CFTT) came alive through the combined expertise of faculty members who work with local agencies and businesses that serve an aging population and children with special needs. Participants are currently learning how collaborative efforts pay dividends in rich, real-world learning experiences all while providing an important service to the community.