Why Study Peace and Conflict at E-town?

Our students.

Come join a wonderful group of young women and men who desire not only to understand violence and injustice but also to help create a world marked by nonviolence, human dignity, and social justice. Our students want to learn about a better world—and to make that dream come alive.

Our faculty.

Each of us is deeply committed to educating you in theory and practice, connecting you with peace-building work across the globe, and helping you strategize about career opportunities in our exciting field. Through individual attention you will see just how much we care for peace and conflict studies.

Our unique focus.

Because our present world is so wrecked by the use of religion to advance violence, our minor's focus on the role of religion in sowing the seeds of violence and peace could not be timelier than it is.


If the chance to understand theories of violence and nonviolence excites you, if the opportunity to practice conflict transformation interests you, if the possibility of studying peacemaking abroad engages you, and if the role of religion in contemporary violence disturbs you, the Peace and Conflict Studies minor at Elizabethtown College may be the right place for you to undertake your educational journey.