Get Involved in the Department of Religious Studies!

The Department of Religious Studies at Elizabethtown College offers a broad range of events during the academic year for both current students and community members. These activities allow you to broaden your understanding of religion, engage in conversation with many religious traditions, and apply classroom lessons to life in the wider world.

We are committed especially to exploring ideas of purposeful life work and understanding the human experience through the lens of religious experience.

Student Organizations

We promote religious diversity in our curriculum and around campus. We have several student organizations for our students to join. We also encourage our students to start their own organizations, if our current clubs do not serve their spiritual needs.

  • Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ): This Christian group offers opportunities for fellowship, personal discipleship and outreach.

  • Hille l: This Jewish group serves to promote fellowship among Jewish students.

  • Intervarsity Christian Fellowship: This Christian group focuses on campus witnessing and global missions.

  • Muslim Student Association and Friends: This Muslim group provides a place for sharing and understanding for Muslim and non-Muslim students.

  • Newman Club/Catholic Campus Ministry: This Catholic group coordinates weekly services, retreats, service missions, and interfaith connections.

Trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

Each year, we invite our students to travel with us to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to examine the artifacts that they research throughout the semester. Students present to their class on the background of the artifact, its uses, and cultural significance, in addition to any similarities between artifacts in other societies.

Study Abroad

Majors in our department are flexible and allow you to make the most of your time at E-town. We encourage all of our students to study abroad for at least a semester, or participate in short-term, service-learning overseas trips with E-town faculty. The majority of our majors choose to spend at least one semester abroad, and because we’re excited about broadening your education, we’ll gladly help you get to your dream location, whether that’s in India, New Zealand, China, or another of the dozens of countries our majors have chosen through the years.