Why Major in Religious Studies

Religious Studies is the academic discipline that focuses upon the study of religion. This discipline is pursued from a variety of perspectives—both religious and secular—and utilizes the methods of a wide range of fields that includes philosophy, theology, history, anthropology, archaeology, comparative literature, linguistics, psychology, and sociology. Courses in Religious Studies at Elizabethtown College tap into all of these perspectives and disciplines.

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From the Department of Religious Studies

Jeff Long

Religion, Asian studies professor ‘overwhelmed’ by award

Jeffery Long honored by Hindu American Foundation

Jeffery Long was honored recently with the Hindu American Foundation’s Dharma Seva award for his advocacy work for a more accurate representation of Hinduism in middle school and high school textbooks. When students reach college, he wants them to have a legitimate understanding of Hindu traditions. Many of the textbooks are filled with inaccuracies and distortions, due to a lack of input from the Hindu community, making the depictions unrecognizable to practicing Hindus. The award, given at a gala dinner in Washington, D.C., is the result of a decade of passionate volunteer work.

“Translated Dharma means duty or truth; Seva means service. So the award is for service to truth.” – Jeffery Long

From the Department of Religious Studies

Amy Milligan

Amy Milligan '04

Fulbright U.S. Student Program Finalist and Batten Endowed Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies and Women’s Studies at Old Dominion University

Amy Milligan graduated from Elizabethtown College in 2004 with degrees in religious studies and German. She used her Fulbright Scholarship to travel to Germany after graduation. Today, she is the Batten Endowed Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies and Women’s Studies at Old Dominion University. She also holds the position of director of the Institute of Jewish Studies and Interfaith Understanding at Old Dominion. “I continue to write and research in the areas I began investigating with my Fulbright to Marburg, Germany.”


E-town Leads the Nation in Interfaith Leadership Studies

Did you know that we have the only major in the country dedicated to interfaith leadership and understanding? See this piece from the New York Times on our program!