Why major in Theatre?

Elizabethtown College’s Department of Theatre and Dance, in the Fine and Performing Arts Department, offers a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre with an option in one of two concentrations, as well as a minor in theatre with two concentrations.

The theatre curriculum is based on a liberal arts foundation, requiring a series of core courses followed by a concentration in either performance or theatre technology. Students have multiple opportunities to enhance classroom training with practical experiences. There is no better way to learn and make connections in Pennsylvania than a major in theatre working with professionals in the field.

There is no better way to learn and make connections in Pennsylvania than a major in theatre working with professionals in the field.

Our hands-on curriculum encourages students to write, direct, and take part in original theatre productions and dance routines. Many classes take place in our very own Tempest Theatre to encourage our students to get up and feel at home on stage from day one.

Working on stage is excellent training for theatre careers in acting, directing, and stage managing, but also for jobs in film, television, public speaking, law, sales, public relations, arts administration, and ministry work. Working on theatre technology and design is a big boost for those interested in theatre design, interior design, art direction, architecture, art, and computer-aided graphics.

Learn more about a major in theatre performance or technology by reviewing the Theatre Major requirements. There you can see course requirements for the major and both concentrations.

Theatre Minor

The Department also offers a Theatre minor, with either a performance track or a technical track. Theatre minors can be paired with virtually any major or minor; especially ones that require creativity, communication skills, or a knowledge of technology! Theatre minors are also perfect for people with a love of acting, writing, performing, or theatre in general.

Dance Program

While our dance program is not a degree program, we offers classes in which both trained and untrained dancers can develop skills, a movement vocabulary, and body awareness. Students may participate in two levels of ballet classes, jazz dance classes, and an introduction to modern dance course.

Students from all majors, including our theatre students, enjoy taking dance courses and participating in the Emotion dance club to express themselves. Theatre students find dance courses helpful for developing their grace, balance, and body language expressions on stage. They additionally develop confidence in stage movements and gain additional skills marketable for future productions.