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Library Staff

Email: ask@etown.libanswers.com

Send your question by e-mail or make an appointment for one-on-one assistance.  Find a librarian.

Text: Send your question to 717-759-9178.

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High Library Hours


Library & Circulation Policies

You’ll find the print books in our circulating collection on Levels 3 and 4.  We hold 128,000 print titles plus over 200,000 e-books.  All can be identified and located by using the Library Catalog.  Also check out our New Books, Bestsellers and Board Games on the main floor across from the circulation desk.

Juvenile Books
We have over 5,000 juvenile books on Level 3 to support our Education Department. These include many past award-winning titles. All can be borrowed on the same terms as books in our main collection.

Media (Audio and Video)
Our 2,300 DVDs may be found on the main floor. Other media formats (CDs, LPs, etc.) are shelved on Level 1. Looking for specialized equipment for playing any of these formats? Please visit the Group Listening Room next to the elevator on Level 1.

We have over 750 titles in microfilm and microfiche. You’ll find them in the black cabinets along the south wall of Level 1. Our microform reader/printer may be found in Study Room 110.

Elizabethtown College students, faculty, and staff may request scanned copies of periodical articles from this collection.  If you’d like to request a scan, please log in to ILLiad.  Then select New Request - Article from the left menu. Enter all required information in the request form. You will receive an email notification when the article is available for download in ILLiad (typically the next business day).

Our print newspapers may be found on the east end of Level 2. For a description of our online newspapers, see http://libraryguides.etown.edu/research/newspapers.

See Journal Finder for our complete list of titles. While we prefer to add new titles in electronic format, our online collection is supplemented by 1,300 print periodicals arranged alphabetically by title on Level 1. Print periodicals must be used within the Library.

You’ll find over 1,100 print titles in our reference collection on the main floor. These print titles supplement a growing number of e-books and databases as this collection moves toward a primarily online format. Print reference books must be used within the Library.

Special Collections and Archives
The Hess Archives and Special Collections resides on Level 1. In addition to the College Archives, this area houses materials related to the Church of the Brethren as well as collections that support the work of the Young Center.

In order to provide a comfortable and accommodating study space for our community means, the consumption of food and drink are permitted within the High Library library.

To maintain the cleanliness of our spaces and the preservation of our collections and materials, users are expected to abide by the following guidelines:

  • All trash must be disposed of properly in wastebaskets and recycling bins.
  • Any food waste must be disposed of outside the library. This will help keep the library free of insects, rodents, and other unwanted pests.
  • Spills must be cleaned up promptly. If additional assistance is needed, contact the library staff.
  • Unattended food or beverages may be disposed of by library staff.
  • Remember that others are working around you; avoid bringing strong-smelling foods into the library.
  • Food may not be consumed while using library-owned technology, such as laptops, desktops, iPads, et cetera.
  • Food and beverages are not permitted in the McCormick Lab or in the Archives.

We appreciate your compliance with these guidelines. If you have any questions, please contact a member of the library staff.

The High Library has designated 5 group study rooms located on the 3rd floor.

  • These rooms can be reserved for up to 3 hours at a time.
  • Reservations can be made up to 6 weeks in advance.
  • There is a 15-minute grace period on reservations. If a group has not arrived within 15 minutes of the reservation start time, the reservation is considered cancelled and the room may be occupied by another group.
  • Rooms may be reserved using the online booking software only. Do not leave personal items in the room in an attempt to hold the space.
  • The library is not responsible for any personal items left unattended.
  • If a room is not reserved, groups are welcome to use it on a drop-in basis.
  • Groups are asked to vacate the room promptly at the end of their reservation.

Priority for these rooms is given to student groups of two or more. There are additional study rooms in the library available on a first come, first served basis. Additionally, the library’s first floor is a “quiet floor,” providing a quiet study space for those not working on group projects.

Reserve a Study Room

If an item is listed in the catalog as INPROCESS (items recently received and not yet cataloged), you can request that that the item be cataloged for you. The normal processing time for cataloging an in-process request is 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.

To request an in-process item, email the title and author (and any other relevant information) to ask@etown.libanswers.com with “In-Process Request” as the email subject.

Once the item has been cataloged it will be held for you at the library circulation desk. You will be notified via email that the item is ready for pick-up. These items will be held for one week from the time of notification.

What is Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

Interlibrary loan, also known as “ILL,” is a service that assists students, faculty, and staff in obtaining materials from other libraries. ILL relies on the cooperative efforts and goodwill of thousands of librarians who are willing to share their collections with others.

Who may borrow?

The High Library is pleased to provide ILL service for all current members of the Elizabethtown College community – students, faculty, and staff.

What may I borrow?
You may request the following materials via ILL:

  • Books not owned by the High Library
  • Books owned by the High Library that are currently checked out, missing, or at the bindery
  • Journal articles not available in print, microfilm, or electronic format at the High Library
  • Sound recordings, scores, videos, DVDs, and books on tape/CD not owned by the High Library

You may NOT request the following materials via ILL:

  • Reference materials
  • New bestsellers and books that have not yet been published
  • Books that are available in the High Library, including items on reserve
  • E-books
  • Textbooks
  • Entire issues or volumes of periodicals or newspapers

Keep in mind that all libraries abide by the rules and guidelines outlined in the Interlibrary Loan Code of the United States, and that our ability to borrow items depends on other libraries’ willingness to lend them. Older, rare, and valuable titles may be difficult to borrow. 

How many ILL requests may I submit?

We will process up to ten requests per day, per person. Additional requests will be filled as time permits.

How long does it take to fill a request?

The average length of time needed to receive physical materials—books, DVDs, scores, etc.—via ILL is five to seven days. Journal articles delivered electronically will often arrive more quickly. Please remember to plan ahead for any ILL request in order to allow for adequate delivery time.

Are you able to rush an ILL item?

No. ILL requests are processed as they are received, up to ten requests per person per day.

What are the loan periods for ILL materials?

  • The loan periods for books and other physical materials are determined by the lending libraries, so the due dates may vary from one week to several months.  The due date for each item is printed on the label attached to the front of that item. You may also keep track of your ILL due dates online through your ILLiad account: https://illiad.etown.edu/illiad/logon.html.
  • Articles will be delivered electronically whenever possible and may be accessed online through your ILLiad account for 30 days: https://illiad.etown.edu/illiad/logon.html. If we do receive an actual photocopy of an article, you may keep that copy.

May I renew my ILL materials?

Note that the lending libraries make all final decisions regarding renewals.  You may request renewals for eligible items online through your ILLiad account: https://illiad.etown.edu/illiad/logon.html.

A few things to keep in mind about renewals:

  • The renewal period is often shorter than the original loan period.
  • If the due date has already passed for an ILL item, some libraries will not allow a renewal.
  • A renewal request may be denied even if the item is not overdue.
  • You will be notified via email if the request is denied, or with the new due date if the request is approved.

Are there fees for interlibrary loan materials?

Not for borrowing items. The High Library is proud to be able to offer this service to students, faculty, and staff; and, with a few exceptions, we are happy to cover the costs of borrowing items. If there is an additional charge for borrowing an item, apart from our usual mailing and processing costs, we will contact you first to find out how you wish to proceed.

However, the user is responsible for any fees associated with lost or damaged items. These fees are determined by the lending libraries.  The bills for all lost or damaged items will be sent to the user and then forwarded to the Business Office and charged to the user’s account.

Additionally, while we don’t charge overdue fines for ILL, your ILL privileges may be suspended if you have one or more overdue items. Please make sure to return or renew ILL materials on time, or contact the ILL staff if you need any assistance.

How do I contact the ILL staff?

ILL staff may be reached by phone at 717-361-1451 or via email at illiad@etown.edu. Please note that ILL staff are available Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5pm.

If you need evening or weekend assistance, please contact the reference desk at 717-361-1461 or via email at ask@etown.libanswers.com.

The High Library makes available a variety of technologies to the Elizabethtown College community.

  • These technologies may only be checked out to active Elizabethtown College students, staff and faculty with a valid College ID.
  • Borrowed technologies must not be left unattended.
  • Food and drink are not permitted near borrowed technologies.
  • All borrowed technologies must be returned directly to the Circulation desk.
  • Users assume full responsibility for damage, loss or theft of the borrowed technology. If damage occurs to any piece of borrowed technology, charges for replacement will be imposed.

Circulation Policies:

  • Laptops circulate overnight. A power cord will be checked out with the computer.
  • Overdue laptops and power cords each accrue fines of $2.50/hour.
  • Laptops and power cords are due within 15 minutes of the library opening on the due date.
  • iPads and Swivls circulate for 3 days and may leave the library during the checkout period.
  • Overdue iPads and Swivls will accrue fines of $10.00 per day.


The High Library is a member of the Associated College Libraries of Central Pennsylvania (ACLCP) library consortium. Any faculty, student or staff from one of these associated colleges may request a free High Library card for the length of the current semester in which they are actively enrolled. They must present a valid ID card for the ACLCP College in which they are enrolled to obtain a library card.

ACLCP patrons may borrow up to 8 items at a time. Books from our general and juvenile collections, CDs, records, and musical scores can be borrowed for up to 60 days. DVDs can be borrowed for up to 2 weeks. These items may not be renewed.

The ACLCP borrowing card does not include access to library databases or other online resources, use of interlibrary loan service, or borrowing privileges for the library’s bestseller or reserves collections.

Seminary Students

Students enrolled in graduate level courses at the Susquehanna Valley Ministry Center may request a free High Library card for the length of the current semester. Seminary students must present a valid ID to obtain a library card.

Seminary Students may borrow up to 8 items at a time. Books from our general and juvenile collections, CDs, records, and musical scores can be borrowed for up to 60 days. DVDs can be borrowed for up to 2 weeks. These items may not be renewed.

The Seminary borrowing card does not include access to library databases or other online resources, use of interlibrary loan service, or borrowing privileges for the library’s bestseller or reserves collection.

Friends of the Library

Elizabethtown community members may become Friends of the Library. For a charge of $20, you may purchase a 12-month library card. You must show a valid photo ID to obtain a library card.

Friends of the Library may borrow up to 8 items at a time. Books from our general and juvenile collections, CDs, records, and musical scores can be borrowed for up to 60 days. DVDs can be borrowed for up to 2 weeks. These items may not be renewed.

Friends of the Library do not have access to library databases or other online resources, use of the interlibrary loan service, or borrowing privileges for the library’s bestseller or reserves collection.

Computer Use

The High Library offers guest log-ins for in-library access to our databases and other online resources.

  • To obtain a log-in, guests must present a valid photo ID.
  • Assigned log-ins are good for 30-days, and can be used on designated computer terminals only.
Guests are limited to 1-hour of computer use daily.
 Item Students Staff Faculty Renewals
Books - General Collection 60 days 60 days Indefinite 3
Books - Bestseller Collection 60 days 60 days 60 days N/A
DVDs 2 weeks 2 weeks 2 weeks 3
Board Games 1 week 1 week 1 week 3
Reserves Varies by Item Varies by Item Varies by Item 3
Laptops & Power Cords Overnight --------- --------- 1
iPads & Swivl 3 days --------- --------- 1
Journals In library use only In library use only In library use only N/A
Reference Collection In library use only In library use only In library use only N/A
Find the “My Account/Renew Items” option on the Library Catalog tab on our website (www.etown.edu/library) to keep track of due dates and renew items online.

The High Library is pleased to offer lockers for the convenience of our users. Lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis for the students, faculty, and staff of Elizabethtown College.

By using a locker, you agree to the following:

  • The library is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage of items stored in lockers.
  • Only library materials that have been checked out to the user may be stored in lockers.
  • Food and beverage may not be stored in lockers.
  • The library staff reserves the right to review the contents of lockers at any time.
  • All lockers must be emptied at the end of the semester.
  • Any items left in lockers beyond the end of the semester will be turned over to the campus lost and found.

Students, faculty and staff of Elizabethtown College can request copies of periodical articles that are available in the library on microfilm or microfiche. 

Request a copy by logging in to ILLiad. Next, select New Request - Article from the left side menu. Enter all required information in the request form.   

Requesters will receive an email notifying them when articles are available for download in ILLiad.

Item/Collection Overdue Fines Grace Period
Course Reserves
$1.00/hour 15 minutes
Laptops & Power Cords $2.50/hour 15 minutes
iPads & Swivl 10.00/day ---------

Please note:

  • Items returned during the grace period will not accrue overdue fines. Once the grace period has expired, overdue fines will be charged from the original due date or due time.
  • Hourly fines apply to any portion of an hour that the item is overdue, beyond the initial grace period. For example, if a reserve item due at 12:01 is returned at 12:18, the item will be considered an hour overdue and fined accordingly.
  • Items that are eligible for renewal will still accrue fines if they are renewed past the due date/time & grace period.

In accordance with Elizabethtown College policy, only registered service animals are permitted in the library.

For more information on the definition of service animals, please see the college's Service and Emotional Support Animal Guidelines.

Anyone in violation of this policy will be asked to leave the library.

Most items borrowed from the High Library can be renewed for an additional loan period – including reserves and laptops! You can renew your items in person at the Circulation desk, or online.

To renew online:

  • Select the “My Account” link in the library catalog.
  • Log-in with your Etown network username and password.
    • From the list of titles, check off the items to renew. Or, to renew all of your loans, select the “Renew all” radio button at the top of the title list.
    • Select “Renew Selected Items”
    • A confirmation screen will display the new due dates for your borrowed items.

Please note:

  • Renewals provide an additional loan period for an item from the date or time it was renewed, rather than from the original due date/time.
  • When renewing online, your items have not been renewed if you don’t see the confirmation screen displaying the new dates.
  • Items that have reached their renewal limit must be returned to the library’s Circulation Desk.
  • As a library user, it is your responsibility to keep track of the due dates/times of your borrowed library items. Any items returned or renewed after the due date/time will be subject to overdue fines. 

The library employs student workers to assist with circulation, interlibrary loan and technical services functions. Duties may include including shelving books, checking library materials in and out, assisting library users at the circulation desk, interlibrary loan or technical service duties.

Check the Student Employment Current Job Openings to see available positions.

High Library Staff

Joshua Cohen

Joshua Cohen
Instruction and Outreach Librarian
(717) 361-1453

Barbara Forney

Barbara Forney
Library Technician
(717) 361-1458

Thomas Zaharevich

Thomas Zaharevich
Collection Development Librarian
(717) 361-1452

Rachel Grove Rohrbaugh

Rachel Grove Rohrbaugh
(717) 361-1506

Susan Krall

Susan Krall
Systems Librarian
(717) 361-1457

Amy Magee

Amy Magee
Access Services Librarian
(717) 361-1454

Sharon Patrick

Sharon Patrick
Cataloging Technician
(717) 361-1477

Sarah Penniman

Sarah Penniman
College Librarian, Director of the Library
(717) 361-1428

Jennifer Strain

Jennifer Strain
Instruction & Scholarly Communication Librarian
(717) 361-1480

Elizabethtown College