ECTipline Number

To file a report via telephone to the ECTipline number call 855-696-1899.

Web Form

Submit a complaint through the ECTipline website.

Mailing Address

The Network, Inc.,
c/o Elizabethtown College
333 Research Court
Norcross, GA 30092

The ECTipline is accessible 24/7 and is an easy and secure method of reporting. It is not a general complaint tip-line. The ECTipline is a confidential toll-free and web-assisted reporting method for students and employees to report known or suspected misconduct or violations outside of current normal reporting procedures. Individuals may also choose to send a letter, anonymously if desired, specifically addressed to The Network as an alternate reporting option. The tip-line offers several different language selections with interpretation back to the reporter. In addition, with each complaint submitted by telephone or web intake, a reporter is given a code number. Reporters can use this code to retrieve status reports concerning on-going investigations into their complaint.

Anonymous reporting is optional for students and employees who do not want to provide personal information when filing a report through the ECTipline.  To insure anonymity, the College has contracted with The Network, an outside service provider, to manage its compliance tip-line.  Upon receipt of a call, The Network forwards the information to the respective college staff members who will determine an appropriate response.  At no time will the College or The Network agency try to determine who submitted information through the tip-line.

The ECTipline is another Elizabethtown College campus-wide commitment to proactively responding and addressing incidents of bias, discrimination, crime, misconduct, or violation of policy that impact our campus.  Creating and maintaining an inclusive and ethical campus community requires the efforts of everyone on our campus.  Regardless of when, where, and how such instances occur, students and employees now have available to them the ECTipline as a safe and secure process for reporting.