Accident Investigation Report

An Accident Investigation Report must be completed for all accidents that occur on Elizabethtown College's campus. All departments, except Campus Security when dealing with student/visitor incidents, must use the standard Accident Investigation Report form below.

For accidents involving employees, the report should be completed by the employee's supervisor and all aspects should be discussed with the employee. For accidents involving students, the report should be completed by Campus Security or the faculty member overseeing the student in the case of a minor injury, or in the case of student employees, the report should be completed by the employee's supervisor.

Once the report has been completed and discussed with the individual, the original must be forwarded or emailed to Human Resources for retention.

Please direct any questions to Human Resources at extension 1109.

IMPORTANT: Any accidents that result in an injury to an employee, including student employees, must be reported to Human Resources immediately for workers' compensation purposes. Please refer to the "How to Report an Injury" section of this website