How to Report an Injury

There are two types of accidents that occur on campus:

Occupational: accidents that occur to employees (including student employees)

Non-occupational: accidents that occur to visitors or students who aren't working

Occupational (workers' comp)

If you are injured as a result of your job, you must report this injury to your supervisor and Human Resources immediately (x1109). Even if it is a minor cut/scrape, call HR right away. It is extremely important for you to contact HR as soon as the injury occurs - we are measured on these statistics.

If the injury is serious and needs immediate medical attention, go directly to one of our panel physicians, and report the injury to Human Resources after seeing a doctor.

Call Campus Security at ext 1111 if it is an emergency.

A panel physician is a doctor that is on the College's list of providers - you must treat with a physician on this list for workers' comp injuries. If you go to a doctor who is not on our panel, your bills will not be paid. The list of panel physicians is posted on the employee bulletin boards in Human Resources, Dining Services, and Facilities Management.  You can also view the list by clicking below:

Elizabethtown Panel Physicians                       

If your injury requires further care, you may see any specialist that the panel physician refers you to. It is important to note that the panel physician must refer you to a specialist - you cannot go to any specialist that you wish to go to - your bills will not be paid if you don't go to a specialist that the panel physician referred you to.

If you have any questions regarding workers' compensation, please contact Human Resources.


If an accident occurs to a visitor or student who is not working and you happen to witness this accident, please follow these steps:

  • Call Campus Security immediately (extension 0 or extension 1111 if it's an emergency)
  • An officer will come to the accident site and complete and Accident Investigation Report which will then be used for follow-up.
  • It is imperative that you call Campus Security immediately for non-occupational incidents so that they can investigate the incident. They must do this right away so that evidence is preserved and the surrounding circumstances are documented.
  • Campus Security must be informed of all non-occupational incidents - no matter how minor you feel they are - so that they can complete a report and document the incident.