Become a Sponsor

There are always many scholarly, creative arts and research projects being created and carried out at Elizabethtown College. Many are led by the incredible members of our faculty and many of them involve our students. And an increasing number are designed by our students and mentored by our faculty and staff. In many cases, there are often more exciting and needed projects than resources needed to support them. That's where you, a potential sponsor can help.

Our sponsors come in many shapes and sizes. Some of our sponsors are major federal agencies like the National Science Foundation, The United States Department of Education and the National Institutes of Health. These large sponsors provide much needed, competitive grants awarding hundreds of thousands of dollars for the College to deliver large-scale projects.

Other sponsors are from local and regional foundations and state agencies that provide smaller grants for smaller projects. These grants are often for several thousand dollars to support specific academic and outreach projects.

Our most recent opportunity for sponsorship is through our Sponsor Etown campaigns. These campaigns are designed for the individual person who would like to sponsor a specific project with more personal engagement with the faculty member or student(s). Sponsor Etown allows the individual sponsor to interact with the members of the project team and do that with a very modest investment. To learn more about Sponsor Etown , please visit our website and consider sponsoring these interesting and valuable projects.