Session Etiquette

Our student scholars worked for many months to prepare their Scholarship and Creative Arts Days presentations. As this may be the first time some students participate in a professional conference, the Scholarship and Creative Arts Days committee prepared this guidance on conference etiquette—so that we give our scholars the respect they’re due and enable everyone to enjoy this learning experience.

Be quiet in the hallways. Sound carries in our academic buildings. Hallway conversations and other noise can be disruptive to our scholars.

Choose an appropriate time to enter or exit the room. As there is flexibility in the presentation start and end times within the concurrent sessions, we understand that it’s difficult to know the exact time a particular presentation will begin. If possible, please wait until you hear the applause that signals the conclusion of the preceding presentation before entering the room. If you must enter during a presentation, please do so quietly and sit or stand in the back of the room until the presentation ends and then move forward to take a vacant seat nearer the front. If you are in the room, do not leave the room until the speaker has concluded.

Take only one seat. Someone shouldn’t be forced to stand because books or a bag is occupying a chair.

Come prepared to learn. Bring a notebook and a pen. Jot down questions you’d like to ask the student scholar or information you’d like to remember.

Give the student scholar your full attention. Do not engage in side conversations during the session or bring in outside reading materials.

Turn off your cell phones. Do not send text messages during presentations.

Ask relevant, polite questions. Hold questions until the end of the presentation. The question-and-answer time is short and not intended to be a debate or a speaker critique. Ask only relevant, polite questions. If many people want to ask questions, limit yourself to just one or consider saving your question for another time. Respect the moderator’s decision to conclude the question-and-answer period.

Applause is an important part of each session. Our student scholars deserve to be recognized for their work with a short period of respectful applause.