Fine and Performing Arts

Fine and Performing Arts

Elizabethtown College is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music. The Department of Fine and Performing Arts consists of three divisions: Music, Theatre & Dance, and Fine Arts. Each of our divisions has a website offering information specific to its discipline:

Students at Elizabethtown College enjoy the opportunity to perform in five major ensembles, engage multiple theatrical and dance productions, and present their art work in three separate gallery spaces. In addition, we pride ourselves on personal attention each student receives throughout his or her studies whether as a major, a minor, or a student seeking to continue their artistic training while pursuing another area of academic inquiry.

Elizabethtown College is also a vibrant part of the regional arts and culture scene, offering a variety of music, theatre and dance performances that are open to the public, usually free of charge. In addition to courses in each of these areas, it offers courses in Dance and has a Preparatory Music Division that offers instruction to pre-college students, adults and College students who desire to take instruction without credit.

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