Physician Assistant Affiliation Programs

4+2 Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine Physician Assistant Program

Elizabethtown College is one of only two exclusive colleges that offers The Early Assurance Program with Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine's Physician's Assistant Program. The program was established to encourage undergraduate students to pursue careers as Physician's Assistants and to work in areas of primary care. This program gives these students the option for automatic matriculation to The Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine's Physician's Assistant Program upon completing a Bachelor's degree, maintaining competitive grade point average, and GRE test scores as stipulated by The Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine.

Applicants at EC will be invited to apply to the Early Assurance Program in their third year at EC based on the following criteria:

  1. Applicant must show an interest in becoming a physician assistant while at EC.
  2. Applicant must have:
    • Overall GPA of 3.5
    • Science GPA of 3.5
  3. Applicant must earn a GRE score of 311 or above
  4. Applicant must have 500 hours of health care related experience (paid or volunteer)

If you have questions regarding this program, please contact the Chair of HPAC.

Physician Assistant Suggested Coursework

Minimum Requirement E-town Recommended Typical Semester Taken
Biology (16 hours including microbiology, human anatomy and physiology) BIO 111
BIO 235*
BIO 201*
BIO 202*
Fall, First Year
Spring, Second Year or later
Fall, Third Year
Spring, Third Year
English (6-8 hours) ENG 100
2nd ENG Course
Fall/Spring, First Year
Prior to end of third year
Chemistry (8 hours) CH 105
CH 113*
Fall, First Year
Spring, First Year

* Pre-requisite exists. Consult most recent E-town College Catalog for details.

Note: To find school-specific coursework and shadowing requirements for each U.S. physician assistant school, see a physician assistant school's website.