BUSINESS: Honors in the Discipline

  1. Eligibility

    Students with a GPA of at least 3.5 in their major (AC/BA/EC/IB) by the end of the fall semester of the junior year are eligible to become a candidate to participate in the Honors in the Discipline (HID) program in the Department of Business.

    Honors in the Discipline are noted in the graduation program and on the academic transcript. A student may receive recognition in more than one discipline.

  2. Invitation

    The Chair of the Department of Business will send a letter to eligible students by February 10th of the students' junior year inviting them to participate in the HID program.

    Students must accept (or decline) the invitation in writing--and submit the name of the honors advisor--to the Dept. chair no later than March 15th of their junior year. A copy of their letter is kept on file in Department of Business, the Office of Registration and Records and in the student's advising folder.

  3. Project

    Topic and Honors Advisor:
    Students must meet with a full-time faculty member in the Department of Business to discuss a suitable project and declare the name of their honors advisor to the Department Chair by March 15th of their junior year.

    Course Credit: The HID project must be independent of work done for credit in other courses. However, the Honors in the Discipline paper may be used to satisfy the Senior Thesis requirement for the Elizabethtown College Honors Program.

    Registration: If you decide to conduct an HID project, you should plan to register for BA400 Honors in Discipline course.  This course has variable credits and you should take 2 (two) credits of this course in the Fall and 2 (two) credits in the Spring semester of your senior year.  BA400 is an RBI course; students wishing to register for the course should notify the department assistant, Shari Kain, during Registration.

    Honors students:  If you are enrolled in the Elizabethtown College Honors Program, you should register for BA400 (3 cr) and Thesis Preparation (1-credit) in the Spring. 

  4. Research Proposal

    A research proposal must be submitted to the honors advisor no later than October 1. The proposal should include the following:

    • A title.
    • An abstract of 200-300 words. The abstract should provide a brief description of the research project, including goals, methodology and expected outcomes.
    • A tentative time line for completion of different parts of the project.
    • A reference page with at least five different sources of information for the project.

    Electronic submissions are encouraged.

    By Oct. 31, faculty advisors will notify candidates whether the proposal has been accepted or rejected. If rejected, candidates must make appropriate revisions with in five business days and re-submit to the faculty advisor for consideration in order to remain eligible for HID designation.

    HID candidates should review HID papers from the past two years (on file at the High Library) to be sure that they understand the quality of work required to obtain the HID designation.

  5. Honors Committee

    The project will be overseen by an Honors in the Discipline Committee (HID Committee) consisting of the honors advisor, the Department Chair, and a third faculty member appointed by the Department Chair in consultation with the honors advisor.

  6. Presentations and Paper Submission

    Students are expected to present their preliminary research work at a Department Brown Bag Seminar in November. Presentations are brief, lasting about 10 minutes each.

    A preliminary draft of the paper must be submitted to the honors advisor no later than March 20th.

    Students are expected to make a presentation of 10-12 minutes at the annual Student Conference in Business and Economics at Elizabethtown College, held typically in the first week of April.

    The completed paper should be at least 25 pages typed (double-spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 points font), not including appendices. The cover page should contain the following: Title, Name, Primary advisor, Secondary advisor, Date. Three copies of the final version should be submitted to the advisor by April 20th. (One copy is sent to the High Library, one is kept in the Department.)

  7. Evaluation

    The designation of Honors in the Discipline requires that the student's project be judged as excellent by the honors committee. Generally, the HID Committee must agree that: 

    1. the paper is excellent work (equivalent to the grade of A or A-);
    2. the author has paid diligent attention to details; and
    3. the author displays exceptional analytical and writing skills.

    Students making presentations at the SCBE receive certificates and are eligible for cash prizes. Awards are made at the Department of Business Banquet later that day. Abstracts of the paper are published in the Business and Economics Digest.

    Official Record: The designation "Honors in the Discipline" will be recorded in the Commencement Program and on the student's official College transcript.

    In order to withdraw from the HID program, students must submit a written statement specifying their reasons for withdrawal. The statement must be signed by the HID Committee honors advisor, and submitted to the Department Chair. A copy of the statement is filed with the Office of Registration and Records and is placed in the student's advising folder.

Important Dates

Junior Year  
February 10 Dept. Chair sends invitation letters to eligible students
March 15 Student accepts (or declines) the invitation and submits the name of honors advisor to Dept. Chair
Senior Year  
October 1 Student submits research proposal to honors advisor
October 31 Honors advisor approves research proposal; notifies Dept. Chair along with recommendation for 3rd member of honors committee
November Student pre-registers for BA400 Senior Project for credit (optional)
November Student presents preliminary research
March 1 Student submits abstract of paper to Student Conference in Economics and Business
March 20 Student submits draft of paper to honors advisor
April (first week) Student presents paper at SCBE
April 20 Student submits 3 copies of completed paper to advisor
April 30 Advisor notifies Dept. chair of grade