Film Studies Minor

Given the central role of film both nationally and internationally as an art form and a cultural artifact, it is not surprising that there is so much interest in every aspect of it across the globe. Film Studies is an interdisciplinary area that integrates elements of film theory and criticism, fine arts, communications, philosophy, English, psychology, and many other disciplines into a unified field of study.

Students will learn about the history of cinema, formal methodologies of all facets of film making and criticism, and critical analysis of film. Students will learn how to actively watch and interpret films of all varieties, from different time periods and from all around the world. In addition to learning about film itself generally, students will have many opportunities to study film as: cultural anthropology, literature, philosophy, psychology, theology, political science, and much more.

Through a minor in Film Studies, you'll learn the history of cinema, apply methods of critical film analysis, analyze films for their ethical, spiritual, religious, and philosophical insights, and discuss concepts used in film creation.

Required courses (8 credits):

  • COM 261 - Introduction to Cinema
  • PH 462 - Film Studies Capstone Course


Choose three courses with at least one 200-level course and at least one 300-level or above from the following (12 credits):

  • EN 102 - WCH Western Literary Culture
  • PSY 209 - HUM Psyche and Film
  • TH 210 - NCH World Cinema, World War II to the 21st Century
  • PS 225 - HUM Politics in Film and Fiction: Democracy in America
  • JA 245 - NCH From Anime to Zen: Japanese Society, Business, and Culture
  • REL 253 - Theology Through Film
  • PS 323 - Politics Through Film and Literature
  • COM 424 - Script and Screenwriting

For more information on the Film Studies minor at Elizabethtown College, please contact Professor Colin Helb.