25Live Scheduling System

25LIVE is a web-based scheduling and event-publishing system that provides one centralized calendar, scheduling system and data repository for all events at Elizabethtown College. Users can:

  • check availability
  • request spaces
  • request services (e.g., set-ups, media and catering services)
  • view other activities on campus
  • promote their event
  • distribute information (e.g., tickets, contact, biography, links, parking, etc.)

Collecting the promotional content, scheduling information and service request(s) in one location has many benefits:

  • reduces the chance of wrong or outdated information being distributed
  • reduces the chance of overlooked requests
  • an event can be shown on multiple promotional calendars and weekly emails without extra request forms
  • when an event is update or canceled, all calendars and weekly emails are automatically update
  • empowers the event scheduler to “sell” their event using verbiage they feel is appropriate for their audience


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I access 25Live and who can use it?
All faculty, staff, and approved student organizations can request spaces for meetings and events in 25Live. All those who wish to have access must receive 25Live training in order to access the scheduling system.

I want 25Live training – what do I do?
Please contact the scheduling office at eventscheduling@etown.edu to schedule your training. Training takes approximately 30-45 minutes and will take place in your office on your computer.

Is it required that I use 25Live to schedule events?
Yes. 25Live is used for scheduling meetings, events, and calendar or promotional marketing. The expectation put forth is that all space scheduling will occur through 25Live for consistency.

How do I change my password?
After logging in, choose “Preferences” and “Change Your Password”. Passwords may only contain letters, numbers, and underscore characters. They may NOT contain any other special characters.

 How To Change Your Password

Why doesn’t my event show up on the calendar after I put my request in?
All events are in a “draft” and “initial request" state. Once they are successfully submitted, requestors receive an automated email saying the request has been successfully submitted. DO NOT use this email as a confirmation response. If your event is approved, you will receive an additional email with a confirmation attachment. Events are not confirmed in any other way.

How long does it take to process a room request?
Please submit requests as far in advance as possible and allow 3 business days for all approvers to approve or deny your requests. More complex event requests may take long to process and may include additional steps.

How do I follow up with my event request?
If you have questions regarding your submitted request, please email the scheduling office at eventscheduling@etown.edu and include the event reference number in which you are inquiring about (ex. #2018-AAJVIX).

How can I make changes/edit my event?
Once your event has been submitted, you are no longer able to make edits or changes. Please refer to the “Edit an Event” PDF on the Scheduling Office’s 25Live Tutorial & Guide webpage. If the requests can be accommodated, you will receive an update event confirmation email.

How do I cancel my event?
Please refer to the “Cancel an Event” PDF on the Scheduling Office’s 25Live Tutorial & Guide webpage. After cancelling the event, the scheduling office will send an event cancellation confirmation email.

Why doesn’t the location I am searching for appear in the event wizard?
This could be for multiple reasons. Most commonly the space is already scheduled by another event, and therefore will not allow any other events to be scheduled. Another instance may be that your expected headcount is listed as more than the rooms maximum capacity. In this case, please choose a different room rather than lower your headcount. The maximums listed are for safety purposes. Other possible reasons may be that there is another event scheduled in that space for a different time, but an attached setup and teardown time interfere with the time you are requesting. To see the most accurate availability of a space, please refer to the “View Location Availability” PDF on the Scheduling Office’s 25Live Tutorial & Guide webpage. Some spaces are department owned and are not available for request in 25Live. If you are interested in a space but cannot find it in the system, please contact the Scheduling Office directly.

Why are there setup and/or teardown times on my event?
Due to a large number of events on campus, the amount of time to properly setup/teardown a space, or between back to back events must be regulated to allow proper set-up and teardown activities to take place. These times are set to ensure that spaces have been properly cleaned, tables and chairs have been safely removed or reset, catered food items are removed, and/or stages set in place or removed. Please refer to the “Event Set-Up and Teardown Protocols” PDF on the Scheduling Office’s webpage.