Promotional Website Calendars

The information from 25Live is used on promotional calendars throughout the College’s website as well as in weekly emails, text alerts and through various social media channels. While an event may show on multiple calendars, there is still just one event in the scheduling system.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions about promotional calendars please contact Elizabeth Harvey at

If you would like to develop a calendar for your organization please submit a request through OMC.

Why Promotional Calendars

The promotional calendars are intended to help distill the numerous campus events into digestible, searchable and user-friendly listings. All calendars are publicly available, and anyone can sign up for a calendar’s weekly email.

  • Campus Events - All of the events schedulers have chosen to promote
  • Arts and Culture – Events that are cultural, artistic, scientific or academic in nature and are open to the public
  • Academic Calendar – A calendar managed by the Registration and Records that lists important academic-related dates (e.g., deadlines, registration times, exams, etc.)
  • Organizational Calendars – Organizations within the College may elect to have their own calendars to display event, which they sponsor (e.g., Bowers Writers House, Fine and Performing Arts). If you would like to develop a calendar for your organization please submit a request through OMC.

How do I promote my event?

The very first step is to schedule your event through 25Live.

Then, make sure you click the button for “Show on Public Calendars.”

show on public calendars

Continue to fill out the rest of the areas, making sure you select the Primary Organization and any additional Organization. This will ensure that the event is shown on  organizational calendars, if applicable.

Primary Organization additional org

The last page of the request form allows the event scheduler to add a title and description that should resonate with the intended audience.


You may name an event: “OMC Social Media Lecture” for internal and searchable purposes, HOWEVER, you should craft your Title and Description to “sell” your event:

Title: Social Media Marketing and Your Students
Description: Discover how you can attract students, make connections and exceed your admissions goals. Rachel Vandernick, Web Content and Social Media Manager, will show you four actions you can implement now to see the benefits.

Free and open to the public, but tickets are required.
Contact: 717-555-1234 or for more information