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Updated: 2/13/14

Scheduling Office Personnel 

The position of Coordinator of Campus Events and Scheduling is currently vacant, but we hope to have the position filled shortly. If you have concerns with scheduling over the next few weeks, please contact: Donna Browning at browningd@etown.edu or Joe Hudzick at hudzickj@etown.edu.

The Scheduling Office asks for your patience and would like to remind campus of the Scheduling Protocol which states events requiring support of service providers - media services, event setup, technical operations – must be requested at a minimum, of five (5) days before the proposed event time.  

Policy Reminder

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the scheduling protocols available on the Scheduling Office's Website (http://www.etown.edu/offices/scheduling/protocols.aspx). Scheduling policies you may want to keep in mind:

  • Events requesting support services (event setups, media services, technical operations) must be scheduled a minimum of 5 days in advance 
  • Events requesting catering must be scheduled a minimum of 14 days in advance
  • All event requests are in draft form UNTIL you receive a confirmation email from the Scheduling Office. 

Restrictions During High Demand Dates

Below is a list of dates that are particularly busy for catering, event setups, media services, and technical operations. With the increased demand for campus services during these time, all other events requiring the support of service providers MAY/CANNOT be supported, however events NOT requiring campus support may be scheduled.

  • Homecoming Weekend (October 18 and 19)
  • Board of Trustees Weekends (October 24-26 and January 30-February 1)
  • Mr. Etown (May 14 – Leffler, KAV and technical operations only)
  • Emotion Dance Shows (December 6 and May 2 – Leffler, KAV and technical operations only)
  • Senior Week/Commencement (May 11 – May 17)

25Live Form Reorganizing and Simplification

Based on feedback, we reorganized the event request form and removed a few fields. Most notably:

  • Event Name and Event Title are next to one another on the event scheduling request form to make them easier to complete. Note: the Event Name is for internal reference and the Event Title will be used for promotional purposes.
  • Event Type has been moved to the final page of the request form and greatly simplified. You now select: "Initial Request" — a type will later be added by the Scheduling Office.
  • Show on Public Calendars is now located at the end of the event scheduling request form and grouped with a number of other custom attributes, such as:
    • Account Number - must be completed if your request includes catering, which will speed up the catering request process.
    • Detail Image – Enter the url of an image related to your event. Example: a photo of your speaker on their website.
    • Event Image – Enter the url of an image related to your event. Example: a photo of your speaker on their website.
    • Website  – Enter the url of a website related to your event. Example: the bio of your speaker.
  • For a detailed review please see: http://www.etown.edu/offices/scheduling/files/25live-walkthrough.pdf 

Upgrade Overview

Over the summer, 25Live was upgraded from version 18 to version 23, giving us the opportunity to make adjustments based off of campus feedback:

  • Faster – you should notice an increase in the responsiveness of 25Live. Other performance boosting changes are in development and discussion.
  • Edit Your Event's Promotional Content after Confirmation – You now have the ability to edit NON-SCHEDULING related fields:
    • Event Title
    • Event Description
    • Event Custom Attributes (show on public calendars, account number, images and website)
    • Event Comments (instructions for service providers)
    • Internal Notes (comments only visible to the Scheduling Office)

Troubleshooting Browser Issues

If 25Live fails to load, or if you are having other issues, please try the steps listed below. 

  1. Close all Firefox or Internet explorer Windows you may have open. 
  2. Open a new Firefox window and go to: http://schedule.etown.edu
  3. Scroll to the very bottom of the page.
    • Do you see  25Live v 18 or 25Live v 23.0.  You have to be on v 23.0.  The version # is for reference.  Continue to ‘4’.
  4. This procedure described in the link below is to help you clear your cache in your Firefox browser. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-clear-firefox-cache
    • Follow all the directions (“clearing your cache” and “automatically clear the cache”).
    • One change I recommend on the “Settings for Clearing History”, is select everything BUT “active Logins”

Training Sessions

Training sessions are available by contacting the Scheduling Office at 361-3660.

Student Group Advisors

In the near future, a detailed email will be sent to all student group advisors explaining their role in the scheduling process.