We ask our guests to please comply with the following policies while at Elizabethtown College.

Download the PDF version of Elizabethtown College's Policies.


For those visitors who have a vehicle on campus, the vehicle must be registered with Special Events and Summer Programs during check-in. Guests will then receive a parking registration card to hang on the vehicle's rearview mirror during the stay on campus. Parking is available in white-lined spaces throughout campus, and vehicles may be ticketed if parked in spaces other than those marked with white lines.

Construction on Campus

Due to construction, there may be a shortage of convenient campus parking spaces. There may be an increase of construction vehicles and we ask all guests to please be careful when walking on the campus grounds.

Dining Services

Dining services (Marketplace) is located on the second floor of the Brossman Commons. When eating in the dining hall we ask that guests do not remove any food from the cafeteria.


Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in public areas on the college's campus, including meeting spaces, residence hall lounges, dining hall, and outdoor areas. Compliance with all federal, state, and local laws shall apply.


Smoking is prohibited inside any college building. Repeat offenders will be asked to leave campus.


In the residence halls, we ask that guests do not move any furniture from the lounge areas or any room without permission of the Assistant Director of Special Events & Summer Programs. Damage to lounge furniture or furniture in rooms will be charged to your group.


The Client and all its participants are expected to exercise care in the use of College facilities. The Client shall assume full responsibility for the behavior of its participants and shall be held liable for bodily injury or property damage arising due to negligence or willful misconduct on the part of the Client and/or participants. The college reserves the right to terminate services to any Client group or individual who participates in acts of vandalism and to assess the cost of damage and repair, over and above normal use, which will be billed to the client.

Right of Entry

Any authorized College staff member or appropriate emergency personnel may enter all areas when deemed necessary.

Latex Allergies

Individuals within the campus community are allergic to latex. Latex balloons are not permitted indoors on campus. Latex balloons placed outdoors can also cause allergies because the latex can be spread by wind. Therefore, please use good judgment in the quantity of balloons used outdoors. Please contact Disability Services at ext. 1549 or Health Services at ext. 1169 if you have any questions.

Telephone Calls/Use

Telephone calls and correspondence regarding the Client's program will not be handled by the College. All inquiries and reservations for the Client's program must be directed to the client.

Youth Camps

All youth camps are required to have a minimum counselor/camper ratio of 1:10.

Sports Camps/Outdoor Activities

All sports camps and other outdoor activity groups are required to provide water and ice for the health and safety of participants. Upon request, this service may be provided by the College at a cost to the Client and will be included in the billable charges to the Client.

Rules of the Track & Field Facility

- Running shoes or track spikes (1/4" or less) only.

- Slower runners should use outside lanes.

- No bikes, scooters or roller blades.

- No wheeled or motorized vehicles.

- No dogs.

- Steeplechase facility, sand pits, and landing pads for varsity use only.

- Be aware of implements being thrown in the infield.

- No sledding on hillside.

Movie Showings

Due to copyright laws, no movies may be shown without proper copyright licensing.

Client Obligations

-The Client is required to stop by the Special Events & Summer Programs office on a daily basis to pick up mail and messages for distribution to their conference attendees.

-The Client shall not discriminate against any person on the grounds of race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, or handicap.

Checkout Procedures

- Please fold blanket and leave it on the bed with pillow.

- Please put sheets in the pillowcase and leave them inside the door.

- Please lock your room as you leave and return keys and meal card at your group's designated checkout time and location.

- Please dispose of all trash in the garbage bag provided and leave inside the door.

Guaranteed Count

A guaranteed count and associated forms for lodging, meals,and facilities is due to the College at least fourteen (14) business days prior to Client's scheduled use of facilities and services. The guaranteed count for lodging may not exceed the capacity of the lodging space assigned to the Client. Each day's facilities, lodging and all meals will be billed at the higher of either the guaranteed or actual count. No refunds will be given for late arrivals, early departures, or missed meals.

Additional Facilities and Services

Before the arrival of the Client on the College's campus, the Client may request additional facilities and services offered by the College but not originally specified by the Client. The College may furnish those additional facilities and services subject to availability. The Client shall pay charges for any additional facilities and services at the regular rates charged by the College. Such facilities and services may include audiovisual equipment (rates available); food snacks/breaks (rates available).

Alternative Facilities and Services

The College reserves the right to substitute comparable residence hall and/or meeting facilities for those listed in the contract.

Special Needs Accommodations and Services

The College must be informed six weeks prior to arrival if a participant of your program requires special accommodations and must be informed as to what the special requirements are. If the accommodations needs cannot be met, the College will contact the Client within five business days of the original request. Not all residence halls are equipped to meet the special needs requirements for accommodations. The College reserves the right to assign persons requiring special accommodations to appropriate facilities which may be separate from other conference guests.


The Client shall not use or make use of the College's name, insignia, logo, picture, or any other material that might create the impression of association, affiliation, partnership or any other joint venture, without the express prior written permission of the College. All promotional material issued by the Client regarding its program must include the following disclaimer:

Elizabethtown College is not affiliated with and does not necessarily endorse the opinions, beliefs, statements, writings, methods, or philosophies expressed by this conference/event or its individual participants.


Either party shall have the right to cancel this Agreement upon written notice given to the other party at least sixty (60) days before the scheduled use dates. Under no circumstances shall the deposit be refunded in the event of cancelation by the Client. If cancellation occurs in a period of time equal to or less than sixty (60) days from the date of the scheduled program/conference, the College has the option of charging, as liquidated damages and not as a penalty, ten percent (10%), based upon the total contracted projected cost, excluding tax and based upon the contracted guaranteed numbers and in the following areas: lodging, meals and facilities. Such charge represents a reasonable effort on behalf of the College to establish its losses.


A twenty percent (20%) penalty on the difference between the total contract projected cost and total actual cost, excluding tax, may be charged to Client, at the College's option, in the event that the Client's final guaranteed number of attendees falls below seventy-five (75%) of the contract number in any or all of the following areas: lodging, meals, and facilities.


-Pets are prohibited from all buildings and events on campus with the exception of guide dogs and assistance dogs.

-No weapons; contraband; explosives; fireworks or other controlled substances are permitted on campus.

-Babysitting services are not provided or coordinated by the college.

-Due to the fire safety risk associated with Hoverboards, these devices are prohibited from all campus property, both in buildings and on campus grounds. If found on campus, Campus Security will confiscate these devices and will return it to the owner after arrangements have been made to take the device off campus.

-Skateboarding and inline skating are prohibited on campus.