Financing Your Study Abroad Experience

Our faculty and staff work diligently to make study abroad experiences affordable for our students. If you are interested in studying abroad, you should meet with a Financial Aid Advisor to discuss expenses and how to make the most of your financial aid package.

Study Abroad

How Will I Pay For My Experience Abroad?

Students and families often have financial concerns regarding study abroad experiences. Our Study Abroad Office and Financial Aid Office work together to help you coordinate your travel plans and expenses.

Will My Financial Aid Package Transfer?

When you study with one of our affiliated programs, your E-town financial aid package will be applied to the program. This means you can use your merit-based scholarships and federal financial aid to pay for your time abroad. You’ll pay the same for tuition as you would a semester at E-town.

If you choose a study abroad program beyond those on our affiliated list, you must pay the full costs for these respective programs. Your E-town financial aid packages will not be applied to these programs. However, you can still use your federal financial aid. Students who attend summer, may term or winter study abroad programs are not eligible for any financial aid assistance, as these programs occur outside the academic year.

What Are The Costs Of  Room And Board?

Room and board costs vary by location. These costs are billed separately by the study abroad program provider or university. Meal plans are not typically offered overseas. Some programs may provide you with food stipends. In other programs, you’ll be responsible for budgeting your own food expenses. Questions regarding housing and food can be discussed during meetings with the Study Abroad Office.

 Are There Extra Fees Or Other Costs?

Please be mindful of costs that may not be covered by your study abroad programs. These costs may include:

  • Airfare
  • Application fee
  • Books
  • Confirmation fee
  • Extra spending/travel money
  • International health insurance
  • Immunizations
  • Passport
  • Visa (where applicable)

You must also pay a fee in order to stay actively enrolled as a student at E-town. The costs associated with this fee allow faculty and staff to be readily available to address any concerns that you may have while abroad. It also ensures that you keep any merit-based scholarships when you return to campus.

If you study with one of our affiliated programs, you will pay a discounted fee of $500. Those who study with a non-affiliated program pay a fee of $1,000.

*American University’s Washington Semester Program and School for Field Studies are partnering programs of the College. Therefore if you choose one of their programs, you’ll be responsible for paying the full program amount. However, you only need to pay the $500 study abroad fee, not the $1,000 non-affiliated fee. 

Study Abroad

Are There Opportunities To Receive Scholarships?

Scholarships are available based on your academic major, intended study abroad location, financial need, cultural connection to your host country, study abroad provider or host university, and more. You can explore some of these opportunities on the Study Abroad Scholarships web page.