Spend A Semester Abroad

Travel abroad for an entire semester so you have several months to enjoy this cross-cultural experience! Studying abroad for the semester provides you with sufficient time to enjoy academic and personal experiences, while deeply immersing you in the local culture.

Semester Abroad

Enrich Your Academic Experience

It is essential to use your time abroad to enhance your education at E-town, not delay your graduation. If you’re considering studying abroad, you should meet with your academic advisors early, so you can map out your courses for your time at E-town. Then you’ll also be able to determine which term is the best fit for your academic and personal calendar.  

In order for you to make the most of your trip, you must consider your major and how this cross-cultural experience fits into your academic goals. For example, language major students may study abroad for a total language immersion experience, while political science majors may travel abroad to observe foreign governments and policies at work. Your academic advisor will help you arrange your schedule to allow you to take courses that interest you, while staying on-track for graduation.

Programs & Locations

When selecting a location, we advise you to talk to other E-town students who have already studied abroad on our intended program or students who are in your major. Gaining insight from past experiences is a great way to begin making plans to go abroad and narrow down your list of locations. Choosing an affiliated study abroad program makes it easier for you to transfer credits and take advantage of financial aid opportunities. If you have specific study abroad wishes, you can choose to study with a non-affiliated program. However, you’ll incur additional costs. E-town is currently affiliated with the following programs:

Affiliate Locations

The Gambia BCA Study Abroad https://bcastudyabroad.org/gambia/ - Coming soon!
Cape Town, South Africa CISabroad https://www.cisabroad.com/study-abroad/south-africa/semester-in-south-africa/ 
Dalian, China BCA Study Abroad http://bcastudyabroad.org/dalian-china/
Osaka, Japan Kansai Gaidai https://www.kansaigaidai.ac.jp/asp/
Tokyo, Japan KCP International http://www.etown-japan.com/
Tokyo, Japan Nihon University http://www.nihon-u.ac.jp/en/intaffairs/jlsp/
Bangkok, Thailand CISabroad https://www.cisabroad.com/study-abroad/thailand/semester-in-thailand/
St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago BCA Study Abroad http://bcastudyabroad.org/st-augustine-trinidad-tobago/
Brussels, Belgium BCA Study Abroad http://bcastudyabroad.org/brussels-belgium/
Prague, Czech Republic CISabroad https://www.cisabroad.com/study-abroad/czech-republic/semester-in-business-and-economics-prague/
Cheltenham, England BCA Study Abroad http://bcastudyabroad.org/cheltenham-england
London, England BCA Study Abroad http://bcastudyabroad.org/london-england
East Sussex, England Queen’s University http://www.queensu.ca/bisc/
Newcastle upon Tyne, England Northumbria University https://www.northumbria.ac.uk/study-at-northumbria/study-abroad-exchange-and-erasmus/
Paris, France CISabroad https://www.cisabroad.com/study-abroad/france/semester-in-paris/
Paris, France Institute for Field Education (IFE) http://www.ifeparis.org/PARIS-Field-Study
Strasbourg, France BCA Study Abroad http://bcastudyabroad.org/strasbourg-france
Strasbourg, France Institute for Field Education (IFE) http://www.ifeparis.org/STRASBOURG-Field-Study
Marburg, Germany BCA Study Abroad http://bcastudyabroad.org/marburg-germany
Athens, Greece CISabroad http://www.cisabroad.com/study-abroad/greece/semester-in-greece/
Dublin, Ireland BCA Study Abroad http://bcastudyabroad.org/dublin-ireland
Florence, Italy CISabroad https://www.cisabroad.com/study-abroad/italy/semester-in-florence/
Sorrento, Italy CISabroad https://www.cisabroad.com/study-abroad/italy/semester-italian-coast-sorrento/
Edinburgh, Scotland CISabroad https://www.cisabroad.com/study-abroad/scotland/semester-in-edinburgh/
Stirling, Scotland CISabroad https://www.cisabroad.com/study-abroad/scotland/semester-in-stirling/
Barcelona, Spain BCA Study Abroad http://bcastudyabroad.org/barcelona-spain
Valladolid, Spain BCA Study Abroad http://bcastudyabroad.org/valladolid-spain
Stockholm, Sweden EuroScholars http://euroscholars.eu/search-projects#?not_uni=9&not_country=58
Geneva, Switzerland EuroScholars http://euroscholars.eu/search-projects#?not_uni=12&not_country=57
Zurich, Switzerland EuroScholars http://euroscholars.eu/search-projects#?not_uni=15&not_country=57
Leiden, The Netherlands EuroScholars http://euroscholars.eu/search-projects#?not_uni=8&not_country=56
Latin America    
Buenos Aires, Argentina SOL Education Abroad http://www.soleducation.com/argentina
Florianopolis, Brazil International Studies Abroad (ISA) https://studiesabroad.com/programs/country/brazil/city/florianopolis
Valparaiso, Chile International Studies Abroad (ISA) https://studiesabroad.com/programs/country/chile/city/valparaiso
San Jose, Costa Rica CISabroad https://www.cisabroad.com/study-abroad/costa-rica/semester-in-costa-rica/
Heredia, Costa Rica SOL Education Abroad http://www.soleducation.com/costa-rica
Quito, Ecuador BCA Study Abroad http://bcastudyabroad.org/quito-ecuador
Xalapa, Mexico BCA Study Abroad This program is not accepting applications for the 2018-19 academic year.
Cusco, Peru CISabroad https://www.cisabroad.com/study-abroad/peru/semester-in-cusco/
North America    
Washington, D.C., USA The Washington Center http://www.twc.edu/programs/academic-internship-program
Newcastle, Australia CISabroad https://www.cisabroad.com/study-abroad/australia/semester-in-newcastle/
Suva, Fiji International Studies Abroad (ISA) http://studiesabroad.com/programs/country/fiji/city/suva/
Dunedin, New Zealand BCA Study Abroad http://bcastudyabroad.org/dunedin-new-zealand

Partner Locations

Rift Valley, Kenya School for Field Studies  https://fieldstudies.org/program/kenya-semester/
Rhotia, Tanzania School for Field Studies https://fieldstudies.org/program/tanzania-semester/
Bumthang, Bhutan School for Field Studies  http://www.fieldstudies.org/bhutan/semester
Siem Reap, Cambodia School for Field Studies  http://www.fieldstudies.org/mekong/semester
South Caicos, Turks & Caicos Islands School for Field Studies  http://www.fieldstudies.org/tci/semester
Latin America    
Atenas, Costa Rica School for Field Studies  http://www.fieldstudies.org/costarica/semester
Bocas del Toro, Panama School for Field Studies  http://www.fieldstudies.org/panama/semester
Urubamba, Peru School for Field Studies  http://www.fieldstudies.org/peru/semester
North America    
Washington, D.C., USA American University http://www.american.edu/spexs/washingtonsemester/
Yungaburra, Australia School for Field Studies  http://www.fieldstudies.org/australia/semester