Where To Go

We encourage all of our students to engage in cross-cultural experiences through a study abroad program. These experiences provide personal and academic exploration, as well as meet one of our academic requirements to complete signature learning experiences.

Why Study Abroad?

Studying abroad allows you to explore a new world of opportunities. While adapting to a new environment, you can learn languages, become globally conscious and have the opportunity to meet people from diverse backgrounds.


Challenge Yourself

Embrace the unknown as you adapt to life in a new country. Become more independent and confident throughout your travels.

Experience a New Culture

Traveling to a foreign country allows you to completely immerse yourself in an unfamiliar culture as you study, volunteer and/or intern.

Develop Informed Worldviews

Sculpt your own values and ideologies as you gain a different perspective on America’s role in the world and gather foreign opinions on global issues.

Enhance Your Education

Enhance your education through academic courses or experiences not offered at E-town. Less than 10% of students nationally study abroad so this opportunity can set you apart from your peers when applying to internships and jobs.

Locations & Programs

Consider your personal and academic goals to determine which study abroad program is the best fit for you. Research the types of opportunities offered by each location and program. E-town is affiliated with more than 40 different study abroad locations, so you have a variety of options in the following countries. Be sure to check out the affiliated semester locations and available summer and winter break programs.

Our Study Abroad Office, located in Nicarry 117 and 118, serves as a resource to help students coordinate all aspects of their travel plans.