Apply To Study Abroad

Start making tangible study abroad plans and prepare to watch as your travel dreams become a reality. The Study Abroad Office is happy to help guide you through the application process and answer questions as you go.

Study Abroad

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible to study abroad, you must:

  • Maintain a GPA of 2.6 or higher - some programs have higher GPA requirements
  • Be a second semester sophomore or in your junior year. Some exceptions can be made for seniors and first semester sophomores.
  • Receive approval from the Dean of Students


If you intend to study abroad during the summer or the fall, applications must be submitted by March 15. Those studying abroad in the spring must complete the application process by October 15, with the exception of BCA Spain and Trinidad & Tobago programs which have an October 1 deadline.

Study Abroad Preparation

You should begin planning your study abroad experience one year before your intended program begins. To start the planning process you’ll need to:

  • Attend information sessions to learn more about study abroad and your programs of interest
  • Discuss your academic scheduling options with your academic advisor
  • Research study abroad programs and choose a location
  • Meet with peer advisors who have studied abroad
  • Decide which year, semester, summer or break makes the most sense for you to travel abroad
  • Meet with E-town’s Study Abroad Advisor

Application Steps

After you have finished initial planning and research, you can begin the application process. Each program may have parts of the application due on different deadlines. Be sure to read the program information carefully so you do not miss out on important application details.

Register For An Online Account

Creating an online account allows you to access all study abroad related information and continue through the application process.

Search For A Program

Through your online account, you can easily search for study abroad programs by country or by major.

Receive Approval From Study Abroad Office

After you find a program of interest, you must follow E-town’s application and approval process. This can be done through your online account and by completing the necessary forms.

Complete Enrollment Forms

After you’ve been accepted, there are a few forms that must be completed in order for you to enroll in a program. These forms include transcript requests, a study abroad agreement, a course approval form and health forms.

Apply To A Program

You can begin the application process for the program you’ve selected as you continue to work on our enrollment forms.

Final Stages

These steps should be completed during the last few months leading up to your study abroad experience.

Apply For A Passport

Passport applications can be downloaded from the Department of State website. The applications can be mailed or taken to the Elizabethtown Public Library to be processed. This process can take six to eight weeks, but during hig-volume times it can take even longer. We recommend applying for a passport no less than six months before your intended departure. If you have a current passport, it cannot expire within six months of your return. If you need a visa to attend your program, you’ll need to have your passport in hand before you can start your visa application. It’s important to be proactive!

Attend Pre-Departure Meetings

These meetings are mandatory. You will receive a variety of information including:

  • Pre-departure packets with important information about preparing to go abroad
  • Information about billing and financial aid
  • Etown housing information for when you return
  • Forms for forwarding your mail, registering for your Etown classes, etc.
  • Information about health insurance, health issues and safety concerns while overseas
  • Complete the International SOS card agreement, when applicable

 Upload Acceptance Letter

After being accepted into a study abroad program, your acceptance letter must be uploaded into the “Enrollment Forms” section of your online account.

Return Course Approval Form

Course approval forms must be returned to the Study Abroad Office by November 15, if you’re studying abroad in the spring and by April 15, if you’re studying abroad in the summer or fall. The forms must be signed by you, your academic advisor and the Study Abroad advisor.


Complete Program Forms

Your study abroad program will require you to complete and return forms to them as well. These forms may include:

  • Course request form
  • Flight itineraries
  • Housing form
  • Medical form
  • Registration with your school abroad
  • Visa updates (very important – time sensitive!)