Transcript Request Procedure

Elizabethtown College is partnering with SCRIP-SAFE® (Online Transcript Ordering Service) to deliver academic transcripts both on paper and electronically. Electronic delivery is ONLY available for students who attended the College beginning August 1992 to the present. This service allows students or alumni the opportunity to safely and conveniently order paper or electronic transcripts online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The actual fulfillment (creation of the transcript) and delivery of the request are completed by members of the Registration and Records Office at Elizabethtown College during normal business hours . Questions or concerns relating to ordering a transcript can be directed to Registration and Records or by dialing (717) 361-1409.

WARNING: Official Transcripts will NOT be released for any student or alumni with a financial obligation to Elizabethtown College. If the student or alumnus elects to place a transcript request through the SCRIP-SAFE® Transcript on Demand electronic transcript service prior to addressing a financial obligation, the SCRIP-SAFE® fee for their service is non-refundable.

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Transcript Ordering Options

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  • Official and Unofficial Printed Paper and Official Electronic Transcripts are available
  • In accordance with Federal Law, Students and Alumni are REQUIRED to provide their signature on the paper transcript request form
  • Elizabethtown College does not charge a fee for paper transcripts sent through the United States Postal Service
  • Individuals can arrange personal pick-up in the Office of Registration and Records - Photo Identification is REQUIRED
  • Students or Alumni with active JayWeb accounts have the option of using their JayWeb accounts to submit a paper transcript request form by selecting the "student tab" then "Online Forms" followed by "Transcript Request Form". There is no fee for this service.

Elizabethtown College JayWeb Transcript Ordering Forms

  • In addition, students or Alumni with active JayWeb accounts also have the option of ordering a Scrip-Safe® Transcript on Demand electronic transcript by selecting the "ETC ScipSafe Login" navigation. Please read all bulleted notations in the adjacent column relating to the electronic transcript ordering service - fees do apply . Elizabethtown College is not responsible for any SCRIP-SAFE® Transcript on Demand charges or fees due to unpaid financial obligations to the College

SCRIP-SAFE® International Transcripts on Demand

SCRIP-SAFE® Transcript on Demand Ordering Service

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    • Google Chrome v43 or newer
    • Mozilla Firefox v34 or newer
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
    • Safari v7 or newer
  • Official Printed Paper and Electronic Transcript requests are available
  • Electronic Delivery is ONLY available for students enrolled August 1992 and beyond
  • Currently enrolled students (or recent graduates) with active JayWeb accounts who prefer to use this service should submit a Transcript on Demand request through their secure JayWeb account to expedite the service processing time.
  • Elizabethtown College is not responsible for any SCRIP-SAFE® Transcript on Demand charges or fees due to unpaid financial obligations to the College
  • A $3.00 non-refundable fee is charged by SCRIP-SAFE® for service. Your student ID card cannot be used to satisfy this fee for service.
  • A Signature is REQUIRED on SCRIP-SAFE® Consent Form when using Transcript on Demand Ordering Service.
  • Script-Safe® International's Transcript on Demands Members List of participating sending and receiving institutions.
  • SCRIP-SAFE® Transcript on Demand Frequently Asked Questions

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