Approved Off-Campus Study Options for the Traditional College

Study Abroad Application Process for currently enrolled students

Are you planning to go abroad next semester? Students should visit the Study Abroad Office's website to create an account and get started with the application process. ALL students planning to study abroad are required to meet with the Study Abroad Director during the application process. Questions or concerns with the application process can be directed to the Director of Study Abroad Office, Megan Bell.

Students Planning to Go Abroad

  • Students should register for a normal-on-campus load of classes while waiting for acceptance from their hosting Program.
  • Once accepted by the hosting program (BCA, American University, etc) the student needs to contact the Director of International Programs to complete the study abroad approval process.

Students Currently Abroad

Students currently abroad or studying off-campus need to contact their advisors for approval of courses they wish to take for the next semester. Advisors will then remove the advising hold, allowing students to register at their assigned time. NO special registration considerations are made for students registering while abroad; however, students can contact Registration and Records  for assistance with registration problems or concerns about a registration process. The student must initiate email exchanges with faculty/staff regarding any pre-enrollment/pre-registration forms that may require signatures or approval (Overloads, Verification of Need to enroll in Core, Register by Instructor, Directed or Independent Studies, etc). While abroad students that have not completed the preliminary check-in process for the current semester will have a preliminary check-in "HOLD" heading into registration for the next semester. This hold will prevent them from registering for classes. Please remember to complete this check-in (if not already done so) BEFORE registration opens.

Students Planning to Take a Course Off-Campus at Another College/University

  • Students planning to take a courses off-campus should discuss their plans with their advisors.
  • Students MUST submit an off-campus approval form to Registration and Records PRIOR to registering for any off campus coursework.
  • Upon completion of any approved off-campus study, please remember to have the institution send an official transcript to Elizabethtown College's Registration and Records office for processing according to our transfer policy.
  • If you have specific questions, please contact Registration and Records for assistance.